The Black House - Zakka Store

Sunday! It's my favorite day of every week, cause I have my own slagging time to do whatever I want today by not hanging out for dates!
Sorry my dear that I've to cover up your face with this expression, cause it doesn't seems nice to post the epic face. HAHA

Girls date out last week with my BFF, Soey for my belated birthday treats to the new cafe in town. I dint know that it could be awesome for me, cause bloggers need to snap a lot of pretty pictures to make sure their blog doesn't seems dull? or long wordy post only? We really have a good time chit-chatting and taking pictures like crazy. LOL. Luckily there are only one couple are with us the same time, but I notice that we spread the cam-whoring virus to the couple, cause the moment we start taking the pictures all around the cafe, they did exactly the same after us! HAHA.

The Black House - Zakka Store

It is a pretty interesting little store that ONLY have three table to serve. I suggest if you guys come late, perhaps you should call and make reservation 1st, or else the waiting time will be long as too many pretty little things to take pictures with! 

The Hanging Board Menu

I'm Sexy? Lol

So obsessed with the candy I'm holding with =/

Oops! too much pictures over float my blog with all the pretty little things right?
I nearly forget that I'm there for the brunch. HAHA. Perhaps you guys visit dee tell me about your experiences with their store!

Soey's - Big Boss
Taste pretty nice! It is their recommended dish for all time favor!
It wouldn't be too heavy and much for girls.

Mine - Bacon Salad
I love the combination of the sauce and how they make their bacon.
It is superb crispy! But it's kinda disappointing with the onion, too spicy!
 I get choke with the spicy taste. =/ 

Love this so much! Hope it could be my travel luggage while travel! 

Childhood memories that skipping class by giving a ride of bus to malls!
Please don't learn this kay, kiddy.

Thank you so much for your treats and your day!
Love ya much much yooo.

The Black House - Zakka Store
Address : 6E, Arratoon Road,10050 Penang.
Tel : 04-2289796
Opening Hour : 11am-8pm (Closed on Tuesday)

Till next time daaa.


  1. Your blog photos are so beautiful!I love this vintage style cafe! :D
    I have followed your blog,hope to follow me back too! :D

  2. this seems like a nice place to dine in!

    but aiyo...they open quite late.. i am always looking for brekkie place that opens at like, breakfast hour, 8-9ish am..