Something Special.

Well Well,
A little update for ma blog <3
Went to The Twelve Cups yesterday to have a try out of their mille crepe cake
Seriously taste yummy! Fixed our craving for mille crepe for not going down to Melaka to have this kind of cake anymore.

Sissy choose the Oreo Chocolate and I choose Hokkaido Milk. 

Sissy's one is awesome! yet mine is too sweet for mie =X 

Cover up my naked face by spectacles and meow cap :D

It is a nice chilling places in Island.
Here's the address to reach here :
The Twelve Cups
Address:12, The Whiteaways Arcade, Beach Street, 10300 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours::8am-10pm (Sunday - Thursday), 8am-12am (Friday to Saturday)
Contact Number::04 2626812


I'm off to paradise soon! 
H-e-a-d-i-n-g T-o B-A-L-I ---------------------------------------------------
Woots! Can't wait for the day to come. Counting down 9 days to reach the day!
The get away that I've been schedule since last year, luckily the plan is still on until now!

Bikini's is a MUST to there! Yet I Dont Wanna Get Tanned and Sunburn. Urghh.

Should bring a bundle of sun protector to there, haha. Slap*

I've been working out some simple exercise to keep my tummy and fats in thighs invisible there. evil laugh* 
It sweat a lot if u really work out for 15 minutes for these 2 exercises.
Share with me your result if you've work it out! :)

Before I end my post, I have some special announcement to announce that,
We have been getting back together.
I just wish to say that,
There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters or not. You may end up losing something good. But, it probably end up gaining something better.
Comments and judgement are not accepted. I wish to say Thank You, if you're blessing us. Peace*


Food Porn

Holiday Mood is ON!
Yeyy! Final exam is finally over after 2 weeks! FML during exams. All my sleeping time are totally change. Yet, luckily it is over right now, having 1 month sem-break currently
Need to fully utilized my hard earn holiday. Kiss*

Sorry for the lack updates during my exams :(( 真的是有心无力啊 哈哈 yet there are visitors everyday although i dint update :') it's so touching for me! Thankiew for the visit <3
Will blog about my food porn before the day i heading back my uni in 2 weeks ago.
Urghh, it is not a right time to blog about food. :X makes my hungry.

Heading to Doarea when I'm back in Island. Craving for everything of them for super duper long ago. Coordination of the day :

Outer : ChalotteKaty / Inner: Cotton On / Bottom: BrandsOutlet / Shoes: Taiwan 
/ Bag: H&M

Awesome unlimited refill side dishes.

Less picture taken that day. Stomach is starving!

x x x x x x x x x x x x 

Food-Porn of 2 weeks back
Morning Breakfast wf family in Hee Lai Ton

Superb Delicious this one.

MUST Try. but i can't recall the name.

Sushi Tei 

Taiwan Black Bull's

Home Made Speg


Coastal zone Cafe

Urghh. I really hope that I have the magical power to eat without being fat.
How could resist the temptation of food? Can you resist? Kay, go-to-go now. Good night world!

My Make Over Review

Hello Peeps!
Back in blogging! Miss in action recently because having my finals right noww
so I need to concentrate in my exams, that's why blog post is lack of updateeeee :'(
In my previous shout-out in facebook, I'm thinking that should i blog something about my skin care and make up tools review to share with you guyss?

Yet, finally decided to make it into a post and share with you guys!
personally feels that daily skin care and make up tools is a MUST in daily lifee
I-can't-live-without-them :) 
p/s: It is all from my personal daily skin care and make up tools. So, don't spam me if you disagree what I've said ;)
So, here goes everything!
Daily Skin Care - Day & Night

I - Hada-Labo Toner
Toner that is very moisture and it won't feels sticky when apply on your skin, because i hate to have the feelings that too many layer before put on BB cream. This is my best choice tho!

II - KIEHL's Facial Cream 
Personal feels that it suits me, because my skin type is slightly more to oily skin and most important is chemical free :) 

III - Cyber Color Eyebrown Pen
The color I picked is light brown, to suit my skin tone. The best part of the eye brown pen is have both side which is the pen and the brush attached together. It can be found in Sa-Sa. 

A - Dr Jart+ BB Cream
This is the best ever BB cream that I've used! It is consistency and texture. This is the lightest BB Cream in Dr Jart series. It is super hydrating yet provides a decent amount of coverage in PH and cover up the blemishes in face. 

B - Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit
Use to cover my dark eye circle! I'm Bobbi Brown lover, all the product mostly are Bobbi Brown. I love this because it divides into 2 parts by versatile concealer and fuss-free pressed powder. It covers up dark eye circle perfectly and long lasting! 

C - Channel Power Foundation
Seldom used for it, unless attend to dinner or special function, because I don't like to feel too thick on my make up in daily outing! BB Cream will be perfect done. 

D - Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner
It is a super duper long lasting eyeliner, and the color of the eye liner is very tick and texture, and even water proof including rain drops and tears :)

E - Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick
Usually used to touch up to cover my blemishes and high light my nose bridge to looks nicer.

F - Benefits Lip Gloss
Seldom use it, because I have sensitive lips that easily to have lips crack, so mostly I'll use my lip gloss only.

G - Benefits Kit
Is my pressie from my bff, i just only just the blush only for my cheeks, not too heavy for the color, not bad tho.

Popular been used for everyone right now, so it doesn't need to explain much :)

I - Red Earth 
Use for my nose bridge too, but i seldom use after I've bought the Naked Palette

J - All Belle Fake Lashes 
I'm a super duper huge fans of fake lashes! because I dint use mascara at all. Have bundle of fake lashes collection, but this is the fake lashes I like the most is from Taiwan. It depends which lashes your eyes is suitable too. 

K - Luminous Bottom Lashes
Bought it from Sa-Sa. Mostly i cut the bottom lashes into small parts, because it looks more natural to fits in my eye shape and make up. 

L - EYE Lashes Sticker
Easy to dry and easy to remove from eye. I use fake lashes all the time, thus this is the most important one to get the lashes fixed on.

P - Neutrogena Deep Cleanser
This is my make up remove after I've use Biore, to ensure that it is complete clean before I use my facial cleanser. 

Q - Biore Make Up Remover
Love this! Been using this after viewing Xia Xue's post, highly recommended by me too. It remove easily the make up from my face even it is a thick make up. Yet, it depends on individual. Everyone perception and skin combination is different! For me, it is good compare to other :)

M & N - PAVIAR Mask 
Suggested by beauty facial friends, it works well on my skin to have deep repair and keep moisture in the night! The part i like the most is, it could reduce the redness of the skin when u having pimples problem / after beauty facial cleansing treatment. 

O - Sophie Monk Black Head Remover
Can be found in guardian and sa-sa! I like the smell which is Strawberry flavor, it remove the mile black head problems, not super serious black head problem. Buy authentic to proof the actual result! because fake duplicate product could be found easily in the market too! So, authentic will prove the result! :) 

That's all for all the post!
p/s : All based on my personal review ONLY!
Hope u guys enjoy it!
Update soon! see ya!