Stylenanda Fever

Slacking for so long, it is time to blog! Will blog about Stylenanda today!
What is Stylenanda?
Stylenanda is just an example of the amazing fashion scene in Seoul, Korea. 
Stylenanda fashion outfit is more to comfy and simple style yet it bring out your own fashion inspiration towards fashion. Like the pictures below. 

The outfit I'm wearing is all from my boutique shop : ChalotteKaty
Exclude the Cap and Sunglasses. All available in stock now and limited in stock.

To match this look, I've match it with a customized Studs Casing from Lovely Blingz
I love how they could customized all various types of phone casing by your own choices and it is 100% originally HANDMADE.
You can PM them directly with your own choice of design and let the professionals done their job!

This is what I match for my accessories for outing!

These are the examples of their handmade outcome! Just love the quality of their handwork 
For more details can browse through their Facebook Page

Besides that, for my readers you are entitle for 10% discount for all the customized casing if you order from them! Just quote my name @carmenlayrynn to them, and plus will have a FREE Diamond JackCap too!
Bored to having similar casing that could be seek easily every place? Looking for some unique and customized stuff that brought up your personality taste? You should not miss them!

Gonna continue my Vampire Diaries episode and waiting for Bbie end his class to dinner later.
Till here then! Dessert fever post will be on next post! Byeeeeeee


Dolly Eye Make Up Vlog

I can't believe that I'm doing a tutorial on make up in video, OMG.
This Dolly Eye Make Up inspiration hit me on last week, because I've been watching few tutorial from YouTube from the make up guru.
So its inspire me to have a try on for the make up look and I tried to record it down too!
But the video is without my voice, perhaps I could try to speak next time. Haha.

There are some look after my Dolly Eye Make Up.

Here goes the video!

Hope u guys enjoyed the video and did inspired you guys for having this Dolly Eye Make Up!
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It shows much support to me for the future tutorial.
Love love. xx

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Going downtown to KL tomorrow!
Gonna pack my stuff now. Bye. waves*


爱. 散文

旷课 一整个星期 真的变很懒 我就快要与世隔绝了
红眼症 真的很讨厌
隐形眼睛 上妆 柔眼睛 全部都是PROHIBITED
还好今天比前几天好多了 不然真的要变宅女

前几天 到书局逛 买了"女王"的书
大爱她的作风 很随性但不失风格
" 改变别人 不如先改变自己" 的一段
电视剧<犀利人妻> 人妻为了要把老公追回来 努力的改变自己
但是到最后她发现自己在这个过程中已经成长 改变
当她不再为了追回老公假装成另一个人 而是成为一个全新而有自信的自己
把自己打理得更好 更有自信 再也不需要改变她的前夫

在爱情里 当我们不断付出 不断想把对方改造成你理想你的另一半
但后来发现 失败了吵架时 对方只是一时改变 委屈 或迁就你的模式
学会改变自己 才能得到更多
也许 你会发觉  其实你忽略了
陪爸妈/ 姐妹吃饭 和逛街的时间
所以 把自己打理得更好 更有自信
爱你人 绝对不会落跑贝

我和大贝 没啥事 
接下来的几片文章 会有- - - - - - - -
打完 收工!


 幸福 是因为身边有你 爱你!

High-tea @ Victoria Rossa English Tea Room

Having subway for brunch in home and blogging now. 
Plan to heading Queensbay today, but laziness killed my thought, perhaps staying at home is a good option cause I haven't touch my FYP yet, running out of idea what to have for my business plan. Urghhh
It is my final year and last sem now, timetable is so free and relax for having less class. Yet, Imma gonna graduate on this June! It is so fast that I can't believe that I'm going to end my study life and gonna start working like FOREVER.
I miss my f6 life! Can I start it all over again? cry*

Sissy and I went to an awesome tea house in island few days back which located opposite of Harvest Inn Restaurant, named Victoria Rossa English Tea Room.
If you're craving having some high-tea in a vintage style tea room, perhaps here could be one of your choice among all!

Can I bring everything back home? 

My love one.

It is so sweet that they are so attentive to label the name of tea in each of the tea pot!

For one pax, yet we can't even finish. =X

Everything is just so sweet and cute, will pay a visit next time for chilling session with babes and Bfie!
They have upstairs too! Yet we din't manage to visit upstairs, heard that it have more surprise corner in upstairs, perhaps it need to discover by yourself when u in there!

Victoria Rossa English Tea Room
Address:33,Jalan Irrawady,10350 Penang.
Tel:04 2269128

Top: Topshop / Bottom : Brands Outlet / Bag : China / Shoes : TopTownShop 

Till here then. xx


Tickling My Tastebuds @ 55 Cafe

Hello readers!
Sorry that slaking my blog for one week no updatess. Been busy uni's stuff for some event held during these days, and thank god everything is running smooth and well!

I wish to say THANK YOU for you guys that VOTE me in facebook for the food hunting modeling contest, and i did went to have some interview session for the up coming casting event from them! Wish me luckk!

Blogging about something that tickling my tastebuds @ 55 Cafe which is a Mediterranean-inspired cuisine
Jer and me is planning to have something new to try on every time, especially for dinner.
So we decided to went this restaurant that hidden in a street that have compliment reviews from food lovers.

A very clean and clear restaurant located in the corner of the street.
Their outer appearances might not attract you whenever you pass by the street, yet their food is worth for trying.
Le Bfie


Their dinner only offer sets, so this is what we picked for our dinner tonight

Seafood set of dine for two pax

Superb matching of the bread and their special made fillings

1st time having clams that served in western style, 
which is so tasty and special because it vongole in white wine!

Gambas Aljillo. 
Mad freshness of the prawn with their sauce!

We request to change the salmon to other types of seafood, because I'm not a fish lover
Their chef is so nice! They immediate change to another course by offering us this sweet and sour pork rib!

Lastly, scallops and angle hair. 
Look how huge their scallops in the portion :O 
Have a great dine in there for the very 1st time!
At least have discover another good spot for dinner next time, yet I would like to visit them on lunch to try on their Ale-cart dishes.
Perhaps you could have a try on them if you're thinking to have something new to try on!

Rating for 55 cafe
Pricing : 8 / 10
Food Choices : 7 / 10
Taste : 9 / 10
Services : 8 / 10

Address: 47-55, Lorong Stewart, 10300 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact: 604-261 2261, 016-469 8228 (Lorina Gehrig), 016-464 8118 (Stefan Gehrig)
Business Hours: 8.30am-10.00pm daily