Rushing for the last few post to end my Korea Trip officially, 
I hope you guys don't mind my blog feeds are all about Korea!
I've been survey lots of local and korean blog to find unique places to travel while visiting Seoul.
I found this unique places that is relax to mingle around to enjoy the breezed and scenery.


Naturally gorgeous complexion, absolutely beautiful and glowing skin is everyone's wish.
But how could we maintain and enhance our skin condition to look amazing every time?
I know it seems a lil more tougher for us during this Chinese New Year, 
cause we will have tons of good, fat food / snacks, late night gambling / gathering / sleepless night, 
drinking lots of alcohol / sweet drinks and etc.
How can we maintain our skin condition with all these?
MSB - My Secret Of Beauty Mask
I recently get in touch with MSB brand about this silk mask all the way from Hong Kong!
They formulated their silk facial mask in France which suitable for all skin types.

They come with 7 sheets of mask in a box that have cute names for each silk mask!

Still Cute As Ever - Facial Firming & Anti-Aging Mask
For a plumper, younger looking skin

Bright Like Clear Blue Sky - Brightening Mask
Natural glow on your face

Fresh As The Ocean - Hydrating Mask
To boost the moisture and nourishing your skin

Clear instruction and product description for all the mask packaging.

My skin condition are not really good as usual due to late sleep and my PMS is coming soon,
popping out pimples, dehydrated dull and tired skin are a major concern to me.
Thus, I'm picking the "Hydrating Mask" to pamper and repair my skin nutrients. 

I love how they have the double layer of protection to lock the moisture of the silk mask!

It really surprised me that this silk mask does not have too much excess of essence that 
dripping all over the place while I put on the mask. 
It's good! Which means they have strong absorption for their essence and mask's moisture. 
The scent is a lil too strong floral scent for my personally liking. 
But if you love strong floral scent, you should be fine with it!

It's like the second layer of my skin that fits closely to my skin.

After 20 minutes of mask pampering and I really saw some huge different for my skin!
The redness of my pimples are less visible. Woots woots!
TBH that it's a lil irritates my pimples while put on the silk mask, but it's really worth it.
I feel my skin are more glowy, radiant and moisture compare to BEFORE!

I love how my skin maintain glowy and radiant during Chinese New Year!

MSB My Secret of Beauty Facial Mask will be launching on this beginning of March in Malaysia!
Be sure to check their official page out for latest promotion and newsletter.

For More Information:
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MSB My Secret Of Beauty Facial Mask
Official Website: www.msobeauty.com
Facebook Page: My Secret Of Beauty Official
Instagram: @MSOBeauty


Happy Chinese New Year! Can't believe that Chinese New Year gonna end in a blink of eyes in few days. 
I mention in my previous vlog, I'm planning to do another D.I.Y project for you guys cause the previous desk tour, you guys love it so much! 
If you haven't read it / watch it, here's the link: Previous Desk Tour: My Desk Tour 2015

I'm so loving it with this new revamp desk tour. Simplicity style.

All the information of the items that I bought in my desk organisation / desk tour are my video!
I'm planning another new DIY project in hand for you guys.
Hope you guys love my new simplicity desk tour 2016! Remember to hit the LIKE button if you love it!

See you soon.xx


If you're loving pretty lil things stuff like me, this post is totally dedicated to you!
I'm so sorry that the past blogpost is all about Korea, because there are too many places that I would love to share with you guys!
I just can't skipped any of it so I need to keep it up my speed or else it gonna be a years and years to finish it.
I'm super lucky to bump into this store while I'm shopping near Hongdae. 
I literally can't breath when the moment I step into this store! Everything is overload by the unique and cuteness! OMG.
From stationery, postcards, plants, travel, homeware and etc. They have everything.

If you're planning to getting friends and family pretty lil things in Korea, You Must visit to this shop!
There are too many choices to choose and you'll be cracking your head whether which to bring back.
You may reach the shop by this address :

The Butter Shop, Korea
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
How to go : Hongik University Station, exit 1.
Website: http://www.buttershop.co.kr/