Hello beautiful people!
Back with another new blog post about my pregnancy journey before my delivery.
OMG. time flies so fast!
Can't believe that the last time I blog about it is when the time I discover I've pregnant,
and now it's like roughly one month away till my EDD.
To be honest that, throughout this pregnant journey,  I still considers mine as a smooth journey.
Besides of the "whole day sickness" which is pretty rough that stick along with me around 2 months.
Other than that everything is fine.

I'll be sharing about my body changes and some lil things that happen during this journey?
At the beginning of the pregnancy around almost 2 months,
I do have some bleeding occurs a few times when I push to hard when pass motion.
I'm the type of person that will observe for a few times/days to see if the same thing happen again.
and I realized that every time I put some pressure to wipe my Vjj, there will be bleeding coming out.
After 3 days of observation about this, we decided to went to my gynae about this.
My gynae told me that she discover that I've a tiny little polyp in my cervix,
which I do not have it before my pregnancy.
As our body and hormone changes a lot during pregnancy, 
thus it's quite a usual scene that happens on pregnant lady due to the hormone level that raises higher 
and faster compared to last time.
My gynae advice is not to do anything cause the polyp is pretty small and the baby is still
unstable state (around 2 months), so she advises that all we need to do is observed for now. 

After like 3-4 months, 
the bleeding start to get intense and more someday when I put pressure after pass motion.
What really triggers me is that, I saw a tiny dry blood clog on the floor of my bath area one day.
Which I'm really panic is, I just can't stop worrying about the baby.
Wonder that she's safe/alive? 
So we decided to pay an emergency visit to my gynae about this, 
cause I called my gyne and mention about it, and she told me that not to delay anymore.
First thing first, we did an ultrasound for the baby to make sure the baby is in good health.
and Thank God that she's moving happily and safely inside.
Next is, checking my cervix, my gynae mention that my polyp grows so much
compare to the last time she saw it.
This is the actual size of the polyp based on my index finger. 

It's soft, thin and long just like the inner flap of our Vjj but it's like the longer version,
 if you know what I'm describing. 
The blood is caused by the polyp as it's soft and long so it will move any direction,
maybe falling out, or hidden inside, moving left or right.
so whenever you put pressure a lot when wiping your Vjj, it will cause the bleeding.
What surprised me is, I can't feel anything at all about the growth.
I do feel there's something dropping out from my Vjj sometimes, but I didn't expect is the polyp.
My gynae use like just 5 seconds to clip away the polyp from my cervix,
while I'm asking her question like, "do you need any aesnethesia before this process?"
She laughed and said that it will be a waste to use that.
And the time she finished her last word, the polyp is out and place into the sample collection bottle.
She told me that she will be sending it to test and see whether it's any cancer risk of this.
But thankfully the polyp is nothing cancerous.
If you're experiencing something similar to mine, do not worry cause polyp is really
a usual scene that happens on a pregnant lady due to hormone level. 
But remember to spoke to your gynae about it whenever you feel anything unusual, especially bleeding. 

What I feel the biggest changes in my body throughout this pregnancy is,
my nipples, stretchmark, body weight, dark spot, wider nose and etc.
(If you don't wanna read to deep, I'll suggest you to click out cause we are going to get deep in here)

Girls, not kidding that pregnancy really changes our body like so much.
Nipples are getting huge, dark and the size of my boobs grow so much till I feel it's sagging already.
I do personally feel that I have a great shape of my boobs before pregnant.
But I'm so lack of confidence now when I look into myself inside the mirror.
They said that it will get worst once you start breastfeeding.
I hope everything will back in shape like at least 70-80% after I stopped breastfeeding?

I started to getting visible stretch marks on my 6th-month pregnancy?
I've started early to apply body oil/tummy oil once I discover I've pregnant,
like 5th weeks after my first gynae appointment?
As I know that my body condition is not that great compare to others,
cause I have super dry skin and will have crack skin super easily, so I decide to start early.
Better be early than sorry BUT IT STILL GROW ON ME.
Tried any sort of oil and until today the stretchmark still growing cause my baby is growing day by day too, and I feel my tummy is getting soooo tight now.
Heard that stretchmark is generic as my mum does have serious stretchmark,
but I still hope it's not true and could be better after I delivered ://
If not I'm going to have laser treatment after that.
My tummy is getting so huge now, all I could do is lye down cause I can't sit still/straight
 in a long time cause it hurts my stomach and feels so breathless. 

Weight Gain
I'm in my last trimester now and I gain around 11kgs up to date.
My gynae said that I need to control my weight as I gain around 3kgs in this month.
Initially, my goal is to gain not more than 8kgs for the whole pregnancy
but in the last trimester of pregnancy, I really crave a lot of sweet stuff.
Cakes, Drinks, Cookies is all about dessert!
I don't really love sweet stuff before pregnant and I do really control a lot.
Plus CNY is approaching soon, I bought so many CNY cookies that I can't stop eating.
I'm going back to some clean routine again and cutting my carbs intake,
cause I don't wanna have any difficulties slimming down once delivered ma baby.
As my friend told me that they have difficulties slimming down once they go overboard too much.
I do saw my BMI guide for normal weight gain is 13-15kgs in pregnancy,
But I don't wanna go too farrrrrrrrrrrr, so wish me luck guys.

Dark Spot
One of the thing that I didn't expect during my pregnancy is, having dark spot.
aka pigment changes. 
The first thing first is my armpit area! Secondly is the back of my leg.
I'm one of the hoomans that did not have any armpit hair in my whole life.
yes, no armpit hair issue at all.
So I do not have any issue with dark spot/pigment issue with my underarms,
but during this pregnancy, my underarm is getting so dark like I've shaved my underarm
a million times before and the pores in my underarm is so huge like the aftermath of over shaving.
I just can't get rid of it, and I google about it and it seems that 
it's a normal body change for some pregnant women.
But I still feel so sad about this, cause no matter how I scrub or apply products on my armpit,
it doesn't have any changes yet. I hope it will eventually go away after my delivery too ://
The same goes to the back of my leg too, it gets darker and it's like I did not wash/scrub my skin
during the shower. Cry*

Hope everything will goes off after delivery! 

Update After Delivered*
Hi guys, can't believe that I dint get to published the post and I already delivered my baby!
We are back home for 1 week already after my confinement period,
and everything going upside down and days are crazy tbh.
I think I'll write in another separate post when I have more time?

Time for some update for all the body changes during pregnancy,
Nipples are pretty much still the same as I'm currently breastfeeding now.
Stretchmarks are super dark and visible after deliver cause have a little saggy tummy skin.
and I think the stretchmark will stick with me the rest of my life. (T.T)
My weight after delivering drops 5kgs, and currently I'm only 3-4 kgs away from my pre-pregnancy weight.
The most important is my dark spot, it really went off already! 
There's still a little dark spot left in my armpit area, but it's like 80% went off already.
The dark spot of the back of my leg totally went off!
I'm like super happy!

That's all for my update, 
I'll speak with you guys soon cause baby is crying already!


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