K-Palette 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner

Ohaiyo guys! Sorry that I've been missing for a week. ahem*
I'm back to review some awesome product from K-Palette! 

I just received a super duper pinky package of eyeliner from K-Palette to review their latest product!
This post makes me feels so kawaii cause the pink packaging. Loll
|   1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner   |

I'm trying Liquid Eyeliner SB01 Super Black for this time. Aside from the usual claim of eyeliner always are :
Waterproof   |   Smudge Proof   |   Easy to Remove   
In this series, they even contains essence ingredients with sodium hyaluronate, 
soluble collagen and swertia japonica extract! 
Plus their eyeliner is flat end brush which easy to let us line our eyeliner with your own preference!

They even include some sample pictures in the packaging.
It's really good and clear guideline for beginner to learn how to draw their eyeliner. 

But I'm quite impress with this eyeliner after I try to using it. Feel surprised that this eyeliner dry very fast!
In a few sec and they are completely dry when you touch the surface.
In my past experiences with other liquid eyeliner, they dry very slow
If I accidentally blink my eye, the whole make up gone -_______- 
especially when you're in a rush mode, I can't imagine how frustrated will be.

Here are some lines that I create, super thin to thick lines to suit your personal preference! 

Here are all my try and tested for the eyeliner and the result amazed me.
Most important is they dry really quick than others!

My daily make up is more to cat eye. 
It could make my eyes long longer but not rounder.

Daily make up without mascara / fake eye lashes. 
Simple and easy make up if just hanging out for awhile.

With fake lashes ON. 
I know right, fake lashes makes so much different in look. 

Thank You K-Palette for the product!
Remember to check them out at your nearest Sasa outlet.
Try and tested yourself, you'll know the awesomeness! 

|   1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner   |
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Retail Price : RM55

For More Information: 
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