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Finally done editing this post and the pictures. It gonna be pictures overload post!
Today gonna blog about the event that I attend in Queensbay Mall weeks back.
Thank you Kiehl's !
Having me here for their store tour of another branch in Queensbay penang outlet.

I always love the unique interior design of every Kiehl's outlet
The old school style of vintage feels with all the bricks. Very vintage feel.

Before I start my shop tour in Kiehl's outlet, let me briefly explain to you guys
What is Kiehl's? 

Joy, the in-charge person of this event explain a lot about Kiehl's for us before we start to explore
all the products of Kiehl's. She told us that, 
all the pictures that frame on wall in Kiehl's are the history of it. 
Did you notice it? Make sure to check them out when you visit to the store! 

Start to tour around the shop to explore the products!

The 2nd Customer Favourite product in the rank!
Calendula Deep Cleansing Flower Power

The most curious part of this tour in Kiehl's is their top favourite product in store, I always like to know
 what's the best favourite / recommended product in store. So that I could know what's up to date in skin care!
I will explain and recommended some product which is highly recommended by me around my age.
The important stage for better skin care before enter early 30s of women. 

I'm pretty surprised that they even rank men's favourite product too! 
A good guideline for men when they shop over alone in the shop.  

Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solutions [Top 1 Favourite]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Suitable for all ages.
The miracle corrective dark spot serum that could rapidly correct dark spot and clarify skin tone.
Best use in dark spots, discolourations, acne scarring and uneven skin with the ingredient Activated C.
Activated C is a formula that could prevent formulation of new pigment clusters (dark spots).
Extract 3-4 drops to your palm, and gently tap on your face. Don't rub the serum, just tap would be perfect for the result.   
Super Multi-Corrective Cream
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Suitable for early age adult to late 30s.
I always wanted to do more to keep my face firm and lifts before I enter the early of 30s.
Joy explain that, this is a suitable product for early age adult.
The 5 in 1 smart cream. Lifts - Firms - Sculpts - Smoothes - Moistures.
I personally feels that prevention is better than cure. This product could be use it as your moisturiser daily.  

After having the tour, tummy should be filling some yummy fingertips !

We are given the chance to consult with the experts in Kiehl's to know more about our skin condition.
They will be us giving some product samples for us, based on our skin condition.
My turn to have a simple test on my forehead and cheek to know the oily condition of both area.

Idk why I din't smile, perhaps too concentrating for the explanation.

Kiehl's Skin Barrier Tabs result is,
My skin is dry. As you can see the tabs been category as 
Dry   |   Normal to Dry   |   Normal   |   Normal to Oily   |   Oily

After done my consultation with the Kiehl's expert, is time to show you some pretty lil things in Kiehl's!
The gift box. I really love this so much! Simple and classy.

The tiles is too creative! Everyone is busy snapping this session actually.

Lastly, with my BB J and Anerly.

Thank you Joy for the awesome invitation and your time!
Have fun in New York!

Groupfie with other bloggers.

Just another favourite shot of mine.
If you're in Queensbay Penang, don't forget to drop yourself at this awesome store!
A lot surprise to explore yourself! Their expert are ready to assist you anytime.

Goodies time!
I'm pretty excited to open it up when I reach home.
I'm so happy that I get the Calendula products and the Top 1 favourite that I explain earlier.
F.Y. I : 
Did you know that Kiehl's product could be exchange in one month period, if you have allergic problem after using it. 
They said that some allergic problem will only be notice after 2 weeks using it.
They will exchange another product which is suitable for you!
How awesome it is? Not all brand could be doing this action yoo.

For More Information:
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Kiehl's Malaysia Facebook:

Kiehl's Malaysia Official Website:

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