Day 3
Give away is on this final post for Bali trip!
Basically pay a visit to temple for this entire day, because Bali have too much temple to visit!
For the temple choice, do survey and pick your favorite one of the best scenery for pictures!
Our destination of the day :
Pura Taman Ayun - Bedugul Temple - Tanah Lot - Seminyak Beach 

Pura Taman Ayun
Not a very good choice of temple to visit, due to all the temples door are shut
We could not enter inside to visit it, just capturing some pictures outside the door =(
Girls are have their PMS are prohibited to enter to show your respect to their religious.

Found one hidden drawing gallery inside this temple, all the drawings are so awesome!

Especially this one!

This is the most attractive part of the temple, so bad we could not enter!

Bedugul Temple
It requires 1 hour + journey from Taman Pura Ayun to here
because Bedugul Temple located at the hill, the air and environment makes you feel so fresh in there!

The moment you step in to this temple, you could feel the breeze is so cold

Saw the fog? 

The combination of the scenery is just so indescribable by words

Typical tourist shot 1

Shot 2. LOL

Colors of the winds by kiss. H-a-h-a. Just something non-sense. 

Say cheeze!

The Best shot of Bbie's. Dint smile! 

Have a break for lunch in this restaurant, but i forget what's their nameeeee SelfSlap*
Kinda expensive for the buffet, which cost RM30 per pax by just having LOCAL dishes 
But the scenery is worth for the price, just the food doesn't. Urghh.

That's all of the choices of the buffet. ><

Sorry for the best smile for exhausted face 

Tanah Lot
Before visit to Bali, I've heard that there were curse for couple that went to Bali for some specific temple
The curse is that the couple will having break up or serious will lead to...
You guys can google it for the stories. But for my opinion, I don't believe much of ancient stories, and there were some article and proof that saying that IT WAS JUST A MYTH.
For me, love is count of both effort and courage to sustain a perfect relationship for both, work it out and everything will be fine! because the key of a perfect relationship is both of you.
The curse temple that I was trying to say is this Tanah Lot temple. This is the largest and MUST VISIT temple in Bali. But visit it or not, count on you =)

It is so hardly to capture a prefect angle because of the crowd

 It is just part of it that everyone is queuing to capturing the pictures. 

Finally! A Quick Shot!

Heading back to hotel to rest and enjoy the facilities for the last day <3

Heading to seminyak beach which near to hotel with 10 minutes walk

Is " Me N U" actually! H-a-h-a! 
Bbie's speed writing on the sand because the sea water keep wipe away the words

Love Cha always!

Look what we found? A live seahorse!
We keep putting him back to the sea but pity the sea wave keep hit it up to the beach

Enjoy our last breakfast in the hotel!
I wish I could have the kind of breakfast in home everyday morning

Having a try for the famous Babi Guling in Pak Malen Warung for our lunch

Not as surprised as I expect for the taste! But at least we try for the famous local food

Before heading to airport, we choose to have a relax spa and message in front of our hotel
It is so cheap for full body message for 60minutes = 45,000Rp
And done a simple Manicure and Pedicure before Chinese New Year approaching.
Mani + Pedi = 90,000 Rp. Cheap till drop! So bad I only have 2 hands and leg, if not I could try more color on! Slap*


That's all for my Bali paradise post!
I hope u guys enjoy for all the post I've blogged!

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