Say NO to pimples and oily skin

Been busy for event recently, so kinda slow on blog post update and mostly will be midnight post!
Because I would be more free during the midnight. Please forgive me ><
Today will blog about my skin care of my skin, which is I've mention before in this post.
So, today post will on my personal review and TESTED on the product and I wish to recommended to all my beloved readers!
I hope we could grow pretty together, thus it would have no secret between us! pinky promised*

I used to have the problems that pimples and oily skin in last year.
I've tried many beauty products, facial wash almost every month for better skin solution.
I spend so so much on facial treatment, it wont be nice that u have a terrible skin,
Especially I'm in sales line in my career, so it is a terrible bad news for me.
This is my look when few years back!

Oh-ma-gaw! I cant believe that I could survive in those days.
All the bad condition could easy appears when u standing under the sun and sweat.
It is so paiseh and geli when let people saw it.
Thus, I've try a few method to cure my oily skin and pimples problem.

1. Consult a Skin Care Expert
- I've been recommended by my friend which have a serious skin problem which needed to inhale pills to control the problems. I'm glad that I'm to serious as that! I just follow a few steps and apply the medicine that the doctor given. The doctor is very famous in Penang. Perhaps you can inbox me if you want the contact no. It works well on me for controlling my skin condition in 3 months.

2. Facial Wash
- I'm luck enough to get know of my beautician friend, she's very expert and honest when comes to skin care and pimples problem. Bbie's skin problems also fixed by her without leaving any scars on his face. Find a right person to have a constant facial wash is important for us which needs advice.

3. Daily Skin Care
- This is the main point that I would like to blog about, that I used recently!

Sorry for my naked face and 0 photoshop. It compares and shows the true result.

I try this and love this night mask so much! It replace all my skin care product that I used in night.
I used it everyday since I've bought it. It moisture my skin and the most important is non-sticky feels when every time I applied to my face. Mad-love with it! 

I just started few months, because my mom bought this for my sissy which have skin sensitive problems.
I've heard about many of its compliment. So I decide to give it a try!
It is a dietary supplement which repair our radical damage and protect our body cells. 
It taste like ribenna actually! The result that I feel is, it repair my skins which looks less yellowish and it turns a little pinky compare last time. It takes time to proved, so will keep it up for daily dietary supplement!

It had been widely recommended by bloggers and everyone. It is an awesome jelly masque!
I'm using it 2 times in a week, my skin getting smoother and fairer after using 1 month. It is worth for the price for this jelly!

Hope u guys enjoy this post!
Let our beauty journey start from today.
Good Night.


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