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Hellow everybaaadieee! 
Back to blogging again, been dragging this post since last week I've receive the lovely parcel from Ollie Jewellery for sponsoring me their lovely and elegant product as MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT! So it will be a long post that having my pictures all over the post, I hope it won't be too bored for you guys!
 If you guys are seeking some pressie / gift for celebration, you guys shouldn't miss out their store! 
All their products are sterling silver jewellery are inspired from fine jewellery designs by selected for their contemporary and elegant design.

Myself having the problem of sensitive skin which allergic to some lower quality jewellery product, but there's a good news for you! Because you will be absolutely fine with Ollie Jewellery product! Their product are made of genuine .925 sterling silver jewellery, which not only rhodium-plated ( that enhance the shine and durability) and also nickel free!
I just love their packaging when I receive, but I dint took the pictures of it, cause I'mma too excited to see the choice of earring that I've choose from them!

I just love it so much! 
The Elegant Swirl Earring.

As for me, I love simple things that could match my outfit when hanging out with friends. Their product are ideal for daily wear and for function. So, I just did some comparison that I'm with and without earring ON with my outfit.

- - - B E F O R E - - - 
Lack of something yea?

- - - A F T E R - - - 
Looks simple yet elegant!

- - - CLOSE UP - - - 

Not only that, their product are well said as my topic of the post today!
With the choice of my pick, it is ONLY RM135. Plus, they have variety of choices in their website which is pretty affordable for yourself or as a gift!
Another one thumbs up for their shop is, they provide domestic FREE SHIPPING for item that are RM100 and above! Isn't that cool?!

Once again, thank you so much for the sponsoring as my birthday pressie!

 - - - READERS REWARD - - - 
Ollie Jewellery are giving 20% discount promotion to all my lovely readers!
Code : LAYRYNN20
It will be pretty affordable after the discount yea? I hope you pick something of your choice!

For More Information:
Ollie Jewellery Website : http://www.olliejewellery.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/olliejewellery


  1. Hellooo i couldnt find any slot to key in the discount code :/
    Mind helping? :)

  2. Hi Charlotte,

    Thanks for your interest in Ollie Jewellery.
    When you click on 'Shopping Bag' after you finished adding your item to bag, go to 'View Bag' instead of 'Check Out'. There will be an option for you to key in the disc. code.
    If you need any other help, feel free to contact us at info@olliejewellery.com.
    Happy Shopping!

    Ollie Jewellery

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