Well, hello there!
I personally feel that finding a fine dinning place in Penang is really a headache question,
especially when it comes to dinner or celebration events.
cause I doesn't like buffet style dinner as I'm a small stomach person.
As planned, I've date BBB to Ferringhi Grill to have our dine for his birthday celebration.
But we look through the menu online, we found out most of the courses served is BEEF.
So we changed our planned as we saw Cassis Restaurant is recommended in fine dining reviews.
and I would say it is amazing good for their food / service / environment!

I've tried my best to edit the pictures to be brighter, cause I forget to change my wide lens.
Christmasssy feeling! 
Santa Claus is coming to town :))) 

How awesome it is to be here enjoying your Christmas eve with families
with table full of turkey dine and wine! Cheers*

The Birthday Boy.
He looks a little tired here. 

The angle is just perfect to capture together with the X'mas tree!

There are 5 courses for each of us.
I start with BBB's courses 1st.

Seared Yellow Fin Tuna.
I never ate raw food in my life, sashimi / salmon / tuna
Don't ask me why, I just don't like it. :((
I refuse to eat when BBB giving me a small potion.
But he insist me to try and I ate ONE of it.
No stingy fish smell and it seems to melt in mouth when u start chewing it.
I just can't forget about the taste.

The owner is so pleasant and friendly!
He tough us how to mix match to eat this course in a perfect way. 

Roasted Sweet Potato Soup
Thumbs Up*

Seared Duck Breast
Both of us are having the same course for this.

Main Course
Sous-Vide German Pork Belly
Bfie said that it will be kinda salty when having the whole portion.

Turkey Breast Salad
Their salad dressing is awesome! 
My first time trying turkey breast, it feels like chicken.

Home-made Ravioli
Personally feels that so so :))

Main Course
Rack of Lamb
I choose medium well for the lamb, the taste is amazing!
 I forget to took picture for the how their medium well nicely done of the lamb.

They serving dessert for the last course.
I call in for reservation tonight's dinner, as I wanted them to prepare candle and wordings for the birthday boy!
I'm so nervous when it comes to dessert, cause I can't have any hints to the waiter for the secret surprised.
But I'm so thankful and happy when the dessert is served cause they remember the surprised :)))
See how he smile! 
- - - M i s s i o n  S u c c e s s - - - 

Happy Birthday My Man.

Make a wish. 
Hope all your wishes come true.

Happy Birthday My Man / My Little Boy.
7th years we have been together to celebrate all the special day together,
I wish we would be celebrating our great times till we growing old.
Held our hands together till the end of our day.

If you're seeking places to have fine dinning during X'mas.
This is the place you shouldn't be miss and it is at the town area only!

Cassis Restaurant 
Italian and Asian Fusion Dinning

Ground & Mezzanine Floor
368-1-14 Belissa Row

Jalan Burma

10350 Penang
Tel : 604-229 3858

Business Hour: 12pm – 2.30pm & 7pm till late
Closed on Tuesday

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