Hi Girlfriend! 
Gong Hei Fatt Choii yohhh.
Sorry that being slacking around recently during CNY! How's your new year?
I've been gaining lotsa weight. Officially named as fat ass now.
Cry and tears x infinity :'((((
Feel sad when saw my stats keep dropping everyday, but still wanna thanks you guys that always visit to my blog everyday =))

Back to my topic for today!
Valentine is around the corner in this week! Did you guys already plan something on your romance date?
V day will never missed about a romance date for dinner, flower, movie and the most important is the 
V A L E N T I N E  G I F T
So, did you found any perfect gift as your valentine gift?

I've found mine! Which is from Ollie Jewellery
I've blog about their product before in the PREVIOUS POST 
Madly excited to receive them cause their product is always gorgeous and never let me down.
They packed it so nicely and pretty for me when I open the parcel!
It is so heavy heart to open the nicely wrap Valentine Present from them.

When I unwrapped it, it just melt my heart!
The sparkly of the ring, and the awesome handwork of the ring.
I just can't describe a word about it.
Plus it is super affordable for their price as a Valentine Gift!
I've choose the "Modern Classic Solitaire Ring" as my V's gift.

The best part I love is, all their product are made of genuine .925 sterling silver jewellery, 
which not only rhodium-plated ( that enhance the shine and durability) and also nickel free!

As Ollie Jewellery always said that,
Luxury is not about EXPENSIVE

As I would said,
Valentine is not about Luxury, it is about LOVE.
The Love, The Surprised and The Moment that you'll never forget.

If you're still wondering or seeking or doing last minutes shopping for Valentine Gift
Ollie Jewellery will be recommended by me as your 1st choice!
As they are having up to 30% for Valentine Sales.

Hurry up now to click on their store to grab the perfect gift for your Valentine day!

Happy Valentine Day everyone!

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  1. Just awesome focus you brought before your fan-flowers on the ocassion of Valentine Day. Just love those gift ideas! I think the rings you inserted in this page will be the perfect selection for as the valentine gift. I am sure I have to check out the Ollie Jewellery website to pick up the best one for the next valentine. Thank you very much for the fashionable post. BTWE what's your idea about bishop rings. Expect a new update in future regarding the ring.