Hello girls! 
Been updating my blog pretty often recently cause too much exciting post to share with you girls!
Promised myself that, every week must have minimum one new post to update in blog.
*finger cross I could make it*
I've told you girls before that I'm doing a GIVEAWAY previously.
I can't believe that I'm typing this post now =') Urghh, time flies.

I attempt to try my very 1st flat lay shooting for this Giveaway cause I've been crazy 
about all the pretty and awesome flat lay pictures in Instagram.
Seriously that they are way too awesome not to follow.
Simple, elegant and classy. That's what I can describe.

I've been thinking of what should I giveaway this time
Read back to my older post, I realised that make up giveaway strikes the most participate.
So, I'm giving away 

Excited to see more not?! 

I choose this I-Divine Palette as the colour of the eyeshadow,
cause this is the basic and essential set that is a MUST for everyone! 
Highlight | Contour | Daily Make Up | Smokey Eye Make Up 
All in one!

Just love all the colours in it! Earth colour!

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1. Follow me in blogspot
2. Leave your comment by answering my question :
"What is your summer time must have essential item, why?"
*List three for me*
3. Remember to leave your details for me!
Name / Email / Facebook

I'll be giving this Sleek Make Up to ONE LUCKY WINNER!
Open to Malaysian only. 
Can't wait to read your comment! 

Contest End at : 13th July 2014


  1. Hello Carmen, Thanks for hosting this giveaway! The Sleek I-DIVINE PALETTE is way to useful! The color is so pretty! Hope to own one! Just trying my luck heh :D

    Q: "What is your summer time must have essential item, why?"

    1. Sunglasses, sunglasses is a very important item for me! I very afraid of sunlight, so i must wear a sunglasses to prevent bright sunlight and to protect my eye!

    2. Whitening UV Lotion, Ok, so it’s not technically a clothing item, but it’s definitely a summer essential. I have to protects my entire body from the sun's harmful rays. So I can hangouts under the hot sun :P

    3. Powder Compact, during the hot weather, Powder compact is a must! It will definitely melt my makeup when I going out in this hot weather, so i must always bring a powder compact to touch up to keep my makeup look great and glow!

    Name: Koey Leow
    Email: koeyleow@gmail.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koeyleow

    Thank You Carmen <3

  2. my essential items in summer must be a floral skirt with a slipper sunglasses and my lovely song from my ipod. Not to forget my must sunblock to protect me from enjoy my sunshine.


  3. My three most important essential item for summer;

    #1 A good pair of sunnies to look all fabulous and to protect my eyes from the blazing sun. It makes selfie looks attractive too :P

    #2. Bikini cause summer time is the best time to head to the beach and spend the day!

    #3. Fun, for sure! What's summer without fun, right?


    Gotta keep my fingers crossed :D

  4. Three most essential item for summer:

    My first most essential item for summer is of course SUNBLOCK! To protect our skin health! :)

    Second, would be a pair of cool sunglasses. Sunglasses is a very simple yet stylish accessories and not to forget can protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays!

    Third, a pair of comfortable flip flops! Everyone needs this! Hahah.

    Hopefully I am the lucky one! (:

    Name: Rebecca Hii

  5. Hiiii! Well, my 1st essential item would definitely be sunblock/ sunscreen, to block my skin from UV rays and prevent my skin from damage!2nd,body mist,we tend to sweat a lot during summer time and especially in Malaysia everyday is like summer,so yeah. We don't wanna be stinky, so a body mist can come in handy at times! Lastly, sunglasses! To protect my eyes, yet look cool :)

    Name:Yung Yue

  6. Hello !! *wave wave*

    Thanks for organizing this giveaway

    My 3 summer time MUST HAVE essential items are...

    1. Sun off the beach Sunblock !
    Reason : The sun isnt a close friend of mine. And i dislike getting myself tanned. During my stay in Kenting @ Taiwan , i always apply sunblock almost 3 to 4 times a day to prevent myself from getting nasty sun burnt!

    2. Bio Essence Miracle Water !
    Reason : I've a very Very VERY Sensitive forehead ! Uh huh* My dermatologist said it might be the sweat gland etc etc therefore it will causes massive breakouts especially on my forehead. -.- So on and off i apply spray Bio Essence to keep my forehead chill & cool ~

    3. Tissue
    Reason : I know it's kinda lame saying tissue is my summer time must have item. Who like wiping off their sweat with their shirt? -.- Hanky? NOOOOO!! It will be too dirty. Imaging using the same hanky wiping your sweat for entire day? Absolutely NO!

    And here you're carmen! Those're my must ve items for the summer :P Blog bout yours please! :D

    Name : Ah Lingg
    Email : ee_linq13@hotmail.com
    Facebook : facebook.com/Lingg.Jill

  7. Just followed your blog! :)

    My summer must have essential item:
    1. Lipbalm, very essential for me to protect my dry lips!
    2. My water bottle, keeps me hydrated while outside during the hot weather in summer!
    3. Sunglasses. Another important items because sun is so bright during summer. Helps to protect my eyes

    Name: Lai Cheng
    email: mlaicheng@hotmail.com
    Facebook: Lai Cheng

    Thanks for the giveaway! :D

  8. Hello Carmen :)
    Been following your blog for quite a long time hehe.

    My summertime must have essential item are:
    #1, Sunblock. I think sun screen is always the most important basic care for girls.

    #2, Sandals. I can’t imagine going without a chic pair of sandals in summer time. *Sandals are a girl's best friend!*

    #3, A non-plastic water bottle. I drink a lot of water everyday, so how can I not buying a non-plastic water bottle for my ownself! Water is a must for me everyday, and of course summer time! :)

    Here's my information:
    Name: Lim Shuang
    Email: limshuanggg@gmail.com
    Facebook: Lim Shuang

  9. Hi! I've been reading your blog for quite some time ;)

    My summer time must have items would be:
    #1 Sunblock! To keep myself away from getting tanned.
    #2 Face mist. I always bring along a bottle of face mist to keep my skin hydrated whenever I'm outside.
    #3 Last but not least, a non-smudge eyeliner. Eyelids easily gets oily during summer time. So a non-smudge eyeliner will comes in handy when completing my summer make up ;)


    My details:
    Kah Yee

  10. Greetings to you Carmen :)
    Such warm and bright summer we are having this year. Thank you for having this gorgeous giveaway. praying on my lucky star :D

    What is your summer time must have essential item and why?
    1. Sunblock lotion is definitely number one on my list as we stayed in such humid and warm climax. Our skin is our largest protective barrier and should not be neglected. Hence, we can enjoy the summer without worrying harm on our complexion :)
    2. Next is HYDRATION! We need to drinks lots of water to replenish our fluid loss and as well, keeping our body healthy to keep on going.
    3. Last but no least, is wet wipes. As I have sensitive skin, prolong sweat will cause heat rash all over my skin *inner scream*. With wet wipes, we can keep ourselves clean and fresh throughout the day :)

    And these are my verdicts. *Finger cross*

    Name: Juneci Siong
    Email: juneci.siong@gmail.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neko.chii.5

  11. This is my 1st time reading your blog, very informative and love reading your blog.

    My 3 essential items for summer would be
    1. Sunblock with spf 130 (the more spf the better)
    2. Rayban sunglasses
    3. Havaianas slipers to keep ourself comfortable, you wouldn't want a sweaty feet

    If you would have given me an opportunity to list my 4th must have item- it would be bikini!!swim during the summer is a must too!!!

    My details:
    Name: germaine low ee ling
    Email: germaine_kazaf@hotmail.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/germaineloewe.loewe?ref=ts&fref=ts

    Many thanks for this opportunity!
    Have a nice day!

  12. Hye Carmen :D
    I bet it is still not too late for me to wish you Ramadan Mubarak. As you know, we are in the middle of Ramadan which means that Hari Raya is around the corner. And I am so excited ^_ ^ . Who know if I get a chance to win The Sleek I-DIVINE PALETTE, I can wear this makeup and look gorgeous the whole day on Hari Raya and I bet it would be the most exciting Raya ever. Today is the 12th day of me fasting in this summer time. And all I want to say is “ I can really feeeel the summer”. But, I always motivate myself to stay strong to endure all this challenge as it is my obligation.
    Your question is "What is your summer time must have essential item, why?"
    My answers would be :
    1) Water to Stay Hydrated the whole day. I will drink plenty of water but hey, it does not mean that I drink water during the day time (nanti orang kata I tak puasa! Haha). Instead, I will drink lots of plain water during the Iftar (Break Fast) and Sahur (eat early in the morning) and balance it with any Juices to ensure that my body consume enough water and energy to enable me to go through my fasting during this summer.
    2) Sunblock is also one of my essential items. I remember that my biology teacher used to tell me that living in Malaysia, we should apply sunblock every day. If possible, wear a sunblock with the highest SPF because it is really will protect your skin from any sunburn ( yeahh, I have made my own experiment on it by applying sunblock with the highest SPF every day and my skin is ZERO Sunburned even though I always exposed myself with the outdoor activities ) And I am Happy!
    3) It is summer, and I can’t bear the fact that my skin is dry due to the hot weather. All I can say is that I can’t live without Moisturiser. Body moisturiser and my face moisturiser is my best companion every day and it is my must have essential item especially during this lovely Ramadan/summer.
    I am so happy reading your blog because it is cute. It is simple but all the photos are Woww!
    Hopefully I can win your Summer Giveaway and enjoy your summer Carmen ^_^

  13. Hi Carmen. Im ready for your giveaway!

    My summer-time must have essential are

    #1 BIKINI - Summer is nothing without bikini! we have enjoy the sun while summer last!

    #2 SUNBLOCK - We all know how scorching sun can damage our skin and we must really take good care of it. It's better safe than never right?

    #3 Natural eye makeup palette - apart from always heading to the beach, we malaysians still prefer hanging out with friends right? And of course we need natural makeup for summer time so we don't look like we're trying too hard to look pretty during summer time. We girls must always look good in any occasions!

    Name: Cheryl Loo
    Email: cherylwennee23@gmail.com
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/cherylwennee

  14. 1. Follow me in blogspot

    2. Leave your comment by answering my question :
    "What is your summer time must have essential item, why?"

    Sun block, hat and singlet

    3. Remember to leave your details for me!
    Name- Foo Kien Mei
    Email- surveyfoo@hotmail.com

  15. Owh my....obviously I forgot to include my details...Im sorry.
    Here are My Details :
    Name : Hawa Najihah Binti Muhamad Basri
    Email : hawanajihah3@gmail.com
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hawa.najihah