Hello Darlings!
I know I know. I know I've been MIA in blog quite awhile.
I recheck my August post yesterday, and I realised that I only have 3 / 4 post in the entire August.
Will be speeding up my speed to post more lovely post.
Lotsa personal review post for the next few post, so do stay tuned =)

Flash back on the 30th August is our 8th Year Anniversary.
I can't believe we've been together like 8 years already, convert to days is around 2926 days till today.
Honestly I'm still very obsessed with him although we staying in the same roof now.
I still miss him so much everyday. We still having endless phone calls while I'm driving home, 
holding hands every night while we sleeping, cuddle together at night to watch movie.
I just love being with him.

I'm quite surprised and happy for this year's anniversary
cause he doesn't categorised as romantic boyfriend to do all sweet lil things.
But he kinda plan and giving me surprised this year. I'm kinda touched laa
Din't expect lao fu lao qi still getting surprised. HAHA 

We choose to dine at Ferringhi Garden cause BBB heard that morning and night session
are in different restaurant. Indeed, I really love the environment and food so much!
|     Ferringhi Garden Restaurant    |

Hello my lil one!
I suggest you guys to booked your table before you dine.
We both like to follow our flow and walk in to dine every time, so is pretty smart that BBB
 made the reservation cause it's fully booked that night. 
Plus, all your dish served very fast if you made reservation. 
All our dish is served like less than 10 minutes after we place our order.

I'm definitely a spaghetti lover, so my choice will always be spaghetti.
Mine - Lobster Napolita
Their lobster is too good! Never thought that this combination will turn out to be so awesome!

Clearer one! cause dark pictures will never be impressive.

BBB - Lamb Shank
The shank is very soft! Softer than we expect from the normal one.
But it's quite a big portion for BBB to finish tho. 

Good accompanied, good food, good environment.
What can you expect more? 

Dessert - Creme Brulee
Is kinda disappointed to rated this as their recommended dessert. 
Other than this, every dish really made our day! 

You can see lots of lovey dove dine that day too! 
Definitely will be back again for the food. 

|     Ferringhi Garden Restaurant    |
Add : 34 A,B&C Batu Ferringhi, Penang, Malaysia
Opening Hour : Daily 5.00pm - 12.00am
Contact : 04-881 1193

I've been curious that what he will prepare as gift for me this year. He really did a great job
to keep it as secret to surprised me by giving me the tracking no to trace my parcel, 
and that's what I received yesterday.

I just mention once and he remember about it ♥ ♥ 

He did not fancy any thing but realistic thing that he could use all the time.
For Him.

Thank you for everything my lil one!
I'm blessed to be with you for these years, overcome all the difficulties and share the joy of life together. 
Once again, Happy Anniversary my man.

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