Hello beautiful people!
It's been awhile I've not blog about my beauty haul. I back with some beauty haul today! 
A lot of pretty, cheap and cute product that I wish to share with you guys!
I've bought all of these from my Bangkok trip as my sister friend is local people in Bangkok,
she said that these are the MUST brand of beauty product when you travel to there!

I've try some of the product and there are some haven't try yet.
So I just gonna mention those product I've been using it.
Honestly saying that, all the scent of the product really gives a thumbs up for their price.
Plus the packaging are all in Pink! How can I resist not to buy? 
The most important is, all the price range of the product is around RM15 - RM50 only!
I'll be regret if I'm not bring any of them back home. HAHA

I will be intro two brands that I've brought in this post, Beauty Cottage & Beauty Buffet
I've include their official website, so is super convenience for you guys to check them out anytime!  
FYI, You can find any of them in shopping malls or even shops in BTS station.

Mostly I bought the product are skin & body care! They have make up product selling in their shop too,
but as I don't really simply try out make up product, so I only go for their skin & body care!

White Collagen Facial Mask | Bright & Firm
It is recommended by the sales girl and rank in customers' hits product! I've been using it for twice.
It is a non wash mask, means you can sleep over with it till the next day.
A pretty big surprised is, my face is not oily at all when I woke up the second day!
For the whitening effect, I personally feels that it takes time and frequent of using the product =) 

Olive Facial Scrub | Firming
I have to say that, the scrub is pretty gentle and not rough at all. 
Usually cheap product are not really good in quality, but this one is really thumbs up! 
Plus it doesn't have any olive oil scent, which is good for you if you don't like the smells of olive. 

This is how it looks like in the inside. 
The white collagen is pretty hard to scoop out, it's more like clay mask than cream / gel mask.

Next is the shower cream.
 I haven't use yet, but I bought it because of the sweet & romance rose smell!

The body mist smells really goo! Is rose scent too. But so sad that it doesn't last really long.
The foam cleanser I din't start using yet, so I can't rate it. But this is one of the recommend product in shop too!

For Beauty Cottage, they have skin, body and make up in their product line.
I don't really have list before I walked in their shop, but all their packaging and product are all in vintage style! 
Seriously attract me for the 1st sight. Loving all their product, but I just grab their perfume.
Not gonna lie that the scent of both perfume is awesome! 

Especially this, I love it so much! Very special scent.
I think thats all for this post! It's a lil bit lengthy but hope you guys like it.  
Update soon guys.


  1. Hiee sweetie, may I know where do you edit the pictures where you post a pink ribbon with the words? Like the one in this blog post showing "Beauty Cottage"
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Vicky!

    I using Photo Scape to edit the pink ribbon with the words ya =)

  3. Thanks for the reply. Appreciate =D

  4. Hey!

    I went to Beauty Cottage's website, but I can't seem to find their perfumes - may I know which outlet you got this from? Cuz I'm headed to Bangkok in early Jan and would love to get them! :)

    Thank you so much! :)

  5. Hi Valo,

    The outlet that I went for Beauty Cottage is Terminal 21. It's a must get item! The scent is pretty awesome!

  6. Hey!

    Thank you so much for letting me know Carmen! Will be sure to check out the outlet there when I head over! :)

  7. Hey Carmen!

    I forgot to ask you - how much is one bottle of perfume and how many ml is one? Thanks and sorry for troubling you! :)

  8. Hello ! Can I know what's the difference between beauty buffet and beauty cottage brands?

  9. Hi pretty, may I know how much for the perfume ? Wish to get one for this ☺

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