Hello darlings. 
Sorry for the late for this post! I feel relief when I start spending time typing this post.
I've been drafting it for weeks, but I din't get the chance to sit down properly to write this post.
It is actually quite a sensibility post kay, so I don't wanna rush and finish everything.
As you guys know my style, I don't love rush work.

I really feel so surprised and touched for this birthday celebration,
I din't know there are so many surprised for me in this special day! tears*
I feel so mysterious few days before of my celebration, cause I got asked BBB where is our dinning spot, 
but BBB din't wanna reveal our dinning place that night until we are close to Batu Feringgi. 

Nice and cosy place to have our dinner here, great environment and food serving.
I'm sorry that some of my pictures are lil darker, but I already tried my best to adjust the best lighting.

Hello BB!

Super blur d me. HAHA

Lobster Bisque
Love this soup! Did not have any fishy smell and taste super yummy.

Compliment: Sherbet

Half Grill Chicken 
Their grill chicken very tender and soft, superb tasty!

Seafood Platter
All their seafood taste super fresh! Especially their scallop and lobster

Closer shot to drool your saliva. Heh

Here's what happen that night,
BB that night not feeling really well cause he caught up with flu, 
so is perfectly normal that he went to the washroom many times just to get rid of his snivel.
After our main course, he request to washroom again as he wanna do some big business,
and I say okay without suspect anything cause he go too many times niao maa.

When he return back to our table, he bought me a box of flower and followed by the waitress with cake. 
I din't expect to have surprised cause he's not a romantic person that will think of ideas and surprised!
Everything happen too sudden and I dint expect that I'll be seeing Jxhia on my other side!
If you've watch the video in Jxhia's blog, you'll notice that she actually kiss my cheek when she surprised me. 
I don't know what to react like seriously, HAHA. 

You see what this silly girl get me, a huge tiffany colour box with balloons!
She say she actually spray this box herself until her whole feet become like the Smurf.

That's what she put inside the huge box, too creative d na! 

Feeling so blessed for the lil surprised that night!

Love the flower so so much! You can spot BB's smiling evilly after surprised me. Hrmp. 

Thank you bunny for the cake!

Ily too!

Picture credit to Bunny!

I feel so precious for this pictures cause I always wanted to know
 what's my facial expression while I'm reading the small love note from her.
I actually tears when I open up the present.

I did not expect so much from you bunny, too much!

To my boyfriend,
I feel so grateful that waking up everyday next to the person I love and
I always tell you that you're the best thing in my life that I ever had.
In the past 8 years we've been through so much that I couldn't explain, 
no matter how hard life will be, I promised that I always be with you without back up plans.
Thank you for everything.

Yeap, he's smelling my hair. HAHA
I dk which to choose to post, so I post two pictures that I love the most.

To my best friend,
I din't know that my 1st step to know you, could be one of my best decision in life.
I couldn't describe how amazing it is when we have lots of difference between both of us, but we 
could turn everything so perfect and well in our way.
We still have long way to go to accomplished our friendship goal, 
held our hand together until we turn into someone's mum someday.
Always remember that I'll always be there for you too.

Love ya!

Thank you von for coming too.Thank you for capturing so many precious moment that night!
That night couldn't be complete without you too.

Outfit of the night,
I just simply in love with the outfit cause I always prefer simple and nice.
Top: Chatuchak   |  Bottom: Taobao
Necklace: Red's Revenge   |   Bag: Hong Kong
Heels: Kiss & Tell

One Last picture before I end, hope you guys enjoy this lengthy post!
Here's the video of the night,

Thank you so much for everyone that wished me that day, you know who you are.
May all the best be with you guys too!
See you guys in the next post.
Love, xoxo.

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  1. so sweet pics alls pic so cool awsome, god bless you carmen