Well, Hello there.
I know you click in for these attractive pictures! HAHA
I miss Christmas so much. Honestly, I had the best Christmas celebration last year.
It's so weird to say last year cause it's just the beginning of year 2015.

We planned everything months ahead, setting up gift budget, choosing Christmas dinner places and etc.
We heading down to KL in Chenelle's crib to celebrate our Christmas.
Nothing fancy, nothing glamour, just a bonding session for three of us.
I would say, we have such a wonderful dinner and exchange gift session.
Comfortable, lovely and memorable day!

I really love all the present that we prepare for each other.
The thing that I loved the most among all the present is the wrapping paper! HAHA
I love everything of it, but I really love wrapping papers so much.
Here are all the pressie we prepare for each other.

Spot my gift wrapping that have the lil santa clause! Love them*

Just can't enough by seeing them whole day.

Thank you for your lovely words, cards and the dropping stars! Inside joke*
You'll know if you watch my vlog below this post =D

My all time favourite pasta by hubby boy!
Thank you so much for your dinner. Blow kiss*

The best shot of the night ♡ 

Some screenshot from video when I unwrap the gift.
You guys can see more on Jxhia's and Chenelle's channel.

Before you read this section, if you found that this is a bragging or uncomfortable section. 
Please click out. 
I do not want you to feel bad or uncomfortable, so please click out if you don't like this section!
I just wanna share the joy that I received that day from my loves one.
From Sissy.
Before I heading down to KL, my sister hand me this gift!
We actually did exchange some wish list before and she bought me something in my wish list.
Great wrapping deco sissy! Love the rain deer so much. Heh

I always wanted to try their product! 
Especially their shower gel, I swear that they smells so so good!

Thank you sissy! Love you much much.

From Chenelle 
I din't really have clue when I first open the wrapping box and saw this pink round box.
She even did a small bottle of lil pastel stars, with a lil small note inside. Spot it?

She said that the pastel stars suit my personally. True tho!
It's been awhile I did not received handmade gift from friends. 
Please be careful next time when you made this, don't hurt your hands again. hrm

I'm kinda shock when I opened up her gift. So pretty and eye catching!
So happy to see everything in pink pink pink.

Thank you for all the gift! I really love the scent!

From Jxhia
Actually my main X'mas present haven't arrived at her door steps, so will update again when she pass to miie.
These are the other two pressie that she got for me.
I really love the pictures in frame so much, as I always wanted a frame to fill some empty space in my cupboard!

I'm amazed by the packaging of the Christmas Collection of Mac.
So special!

How can you not get this in hand for the collection?

Thank you Bunny! You always know what I loved. Tehehee

Honestly, I spend so much on Christmas gift and giving all out for gift ideas.
It's a thanks giving day that I could say thank you and giving back my appreciation to my loves one on this special day.
I hope you guys like the gift that I bought for you guys too!

The highlight of my Christmas is, friendship and love that I've gain.
Appreciate and cherish your love one like the last day you live in earth.
Thank you so so much for reading!

Remember to watch my vlog! You'll never wanna missed the moment that we spend that day.



  1. watched the video finally! love every bits of it! and love ya'll <3 <3 <3

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