Hello peoples! Happy Chinese New Year guys.
I hope you guys have a blast one and get lotsa ang bao!
Sorry that I dint have much time to sit down and blog like last time. But I tried my very best to keep my blog alive. 
Please stay patient with me kay? wink*

I'm so blessed that I get invited to WEIL Hotel in Ipoh for a 3D2N short getaway. I must say that, 
I really really impressed and enjoy all the moment in their hotel.
Thank you so much for the hospitality and the services! 
I really enjoy so much during the stay. Can't wait to share with you guys how awesome it is in WEIL Hotel!
|   WEIL HOTEL   |
A bespoke hotel fuelled by the desire to provide a unique experience for today's traveller
A newly-opened urban retreat perpetuating endearing hospitality in Ipoh.
Weil hotel is inspired by sophisticated and stylish interiors with 313 guest rooms & suites, wide-ranging dinning & drinking avenues, 
variety of private event & conference room, signature rooftop bar lounge & infinity pool 
with a breath taking view of Ipoh town & surrounding limestones hills.

Their location is super easy to find! It's only beside Ipoh Parade shopping mall.

The moment I step in to the hotel, I really amazed by the lobby! IT'S SO HUGE!
I can't believe that it's in Ipoh. Can you feel me?

Every corner is so amazing! Picture perfect with the natural sunlight.

One of the thing that WEIL Hotel impressed me is, they have culinary feast exploring a multitude of 
gastronomic awaits us with 6 signature dining outlets by serving wide array of local and international fares masterfully created by their chefs.
But I'll separate the dinning feast with Weil Hotel in another post cause it's too long to share in one post. 

Glad to meet and greet their PR Executive, Jacqueline and Executive chef, Eric. 
They both are superb friendly!

The restaurant that serves all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Buffet style to served their all day dinning.
Din't take the pictures of their food cause I would love you to explore yourself when you're there! 

|    TEA LOUNGE   |
Sitting pretty with vistas of lobby, sip into some finest selection of teas. Regardless saying, 
that will be the best classic English afternoon tea experience. 
Too bad that I din't get to try their afternoon tea, I'll be back again!

Chinese fine dining with Master Chef Chung Ho Shi that all the way from Hong Kong!
Master Chef Chung bringing his own unique style of contemporary cantonese cuisine to Weil Hotel.
I'm lucky that I've tried his dish and it taste really superb! 
Especially the dim sum and his signature dish - Smoked Duck with Lychee wood.
Will be in another post, so stay tuned ;)

It's the academy place for young chef to learn new lesson / dish from Master chef.
But the most unique thing about it is, they do offer classes for outsiders that would like to learn some 
new dishes or dishes for special occasion from Master chef!
It's my 1st time hearing this concept, but found that it's really so thoughtful for new learners 
that wanna learn dishes in short period of time.  

I can't open my eyes actually. HAHA
Finally the last stop of the hotel tour and it's also the part I loved the most, the rooftop.

How cool that you could have your party outdoor at the laid back of roof garden with the breath taking view of Ipoh during the day and night? 

|   THE DECK   |
Sophisticated dinning and drinking avenue. 
A playful dishing of fusion cuisine of inspired snacks and plates conceptualised for a sharing experience, 
complemented by a wide selection of cocktails prepared by their experienced and creative mixologist! 

I just love this space! 
Especially during the night, it really light up to be the best romantic night with panoramic view.

Preparation for our fine dinning session during dinner time.

The most exciting and awaiting section to visit 

How can I believed that I'm in Ipoh? 

Breath-taking view!

Hoping that this awesome weekend will never ends.

Finally to our room tour! We are staying the Deluxe room ♡ 
You guys can check it out the room features of their Deluxe room HERE

As Jacqueline mention with us during the hotel tour, they are having the SERTA royal elite bed.
To be frank that, I just wanna be in their bed the whole day! So comfy!
I just can't get enough with their pillows too, too bad that I couldn't find any brand tag to purchase the pillow :'(

Mad love their bathroom! I'm so happy that I manage to have bubble bath before dinner starts.

Thank you for your time hub! Nuff ya
Sorry that I draw his cloths cause I feel it's a lil not appropriate that he's not wearing cloths =p 
If you're find a place to have short getaway with loves one, I strongly recommend here!
I'm not bias cause you guys can see the awesomeness of the hotel in this post =D
I've been planning to go back again.
Too much good place and food to explore in Ipoh.

|   WEIL HOTEL   |
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
292 Jalan Sultan Idris Shah,
3000 Ipoh, Perak D.R.
Tel: +605 2082228
Official Website : http://www.weilhotel.com
Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/weilhotel

Can't believe that time flies so fast that it's almost one month since I checked in there.
Thank you for having me here!
Definitely will be back there again next time.
Dining post of WEIL HOTEL will be in another separate post! Stay tuned.
That's all loves,


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