Hello peoples! Finally done editing this super long post!
In the previous post, it's all about my awesome stay for 3D2N in WEIL HOTEL.
If you haven't read my previous post, you can read it HERE 

I'll be doing picture-log post than a lengthly word for this post. Before I start this post, 
 You are warned that DO NOT read this post when midnight or hungry, I scared it hurts your tummy! HAHA
|   THE DECK   |
For our 1st night in Weil Hotel, our dinner is served in The Deck. 
Which I mention in my last post that, the only bar & restaurant in the rooftop.
I just can't get enough with their panoramic view during the night! City lights in Ipoh.

Can't wait to try the courses! 

Hello, all my time favourite person 

The appearance doesn't look attractive, but the taste is really awesome!
I really love how the chef mix and match that brings the taste another next level.

A lil bit big portion for soup, but the taste is really awesome too!
I swear that I never taste another similiar taste in the fine dinning I've been to.

Icy Lemon Sorbet

Main Course
My all time favourite - Cod Fish.
Cod fish are easy going with all different kind of taste, but the most interesting part is the idea!
Have you ate Cod fish with rice pilaf before? That's a plus point for the creativity.


The Dessert
Not really my personal liking, but still conclude as awesome meal for that night.

Hi girls! Miss em so much!

The only one pictures beside the infinity pool during the dinner time.
So bad it blurs off and raining that night. Sigh.
My rating for the dinner : ☆ / 5
We are so honour that we could try the chef's special menu that night, as currently The Deck are not available for any fine dinning course. 
I hope they could fully and well prepare for this section in the near future.
The 2nd dinner of our night staying in Weil Hotel. 
It's so sweet that they decorate here to our dinning avenue.

I just can't resist to touch the fruits and vegetables cause I wanna know that it's real or props. LOL

What do you think? It's all real actually.

Chef Eric will be the one who served our dinner of the night.

Amuse Bouche 
The taste is really new for me and it turns out quite delicious.
But too bad that I'm not a salmon person. So it's really not my liking for raw salmon. =(

Tomato Terrine
Love this! Very juicy and the taste is superb awesome.
But a lot of them don't really like tomatoes, so its really based on personal preferences for liking this dish. 

Green Pea and spinach cappuccino. Imagine the taste of this soup! HAHA
 No smell nor taste like green pea or cappuccino. But it taste really good! Plus points for the idea.

Mango Sorbet 

Main Course - Miso Salmon
Taste very very good! But still not my personal liking or choice.
If you're a salmon lover, you'll definitely love this! 

Confit Chicken Roll
The tender of the chicken is really soft and the mushroom taste superb! 

It's really sad to said that it's not my favourite, cause I found it taste quite weird for the combination.
My rating for the dinner : ☆ / 5
It's really cool that Chef Eric have guts to try out some really wild mix and match course of that night! 
Would love to see more of your wild match next time!
|   YUK SOU HIN   |
We have our lunch here before we leaving on the 3rd day. It's pretty sad that awesome weekend need to end here ='/

Private room for 13 person.

We are so lucky to try Chef Chung Ho Shi's dish. Not forget to mention that, he came from Hong Kong!

Compliment Dish : Ha Gao
Compliment dish for us to try out Chef Chung's dim sum! It taste really really good like I have in HK.
I really miss the Hong Kong dim sum that I have almost everyday in there. 

Compliment dish : Cha Siu Bao
The outer layer of the pao taste like the crispy edition of Polo bun with cha siu inside.
Craving for this so much now T.T

My rating for the lunch :  / 5
It's really hard to find nice Chinese cuisine restaurant in Hotel. I don't think Penang have this kind of awesome Chinese Cuisine in Hotel. 
Will definitely come back for it!
Saying good-bye with my darlings! Miss you gurls so much.
Will catch up with you guys once I'm in KL.

Muahhh* Blow kiss
Extra Footage 
These are some awesome places that I went during the 2nd day of the tour.
Just some extra footage to share with you guys! It's really cool that we could explore Ipoh for the whole noon.

It's really hard to say good-bye with this post! Too many awesome peoples that I meet in this trip.
Thank you so much for the invites and hospitality.
Not forgotten, thank you for your guys who always support me throughout my whole life journey.
All opportunities and chances couldn't be mine if without every each of you.
T H A N K  Y O U.
|   WEIL HOTEL   |
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
292 Jalan Sultan Idris Shah,
3000 Ipoh, Perak D.R.
Tel: +605 2082228
Official Website : http://www.weilhotel.com
Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/weilhotel

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