Hello lovely peoples!
Gonna share my experiences visiting a new escape game operator in Queensbay Mall Penang.
I really squeeze my brain juice to play the games! It's really fun to play with a bunch of awesome peoples. 

A virtual "Room Escaping" games into real life experiences. 
Too cool to said, they are not the conventional escape room in town!
As I went to another escape room before, they will more fixated and focused on escaping the room within the shortest time as possible.
But while in Mission Q, I was experiencing myself that I'm in the mission! 
No rush for everything but to solve and complete the mission in hand.

There are 5 unique adventurous escape game with its own themes.
We are locked in a room while we need to accomplished the task that requires a lot of brain juice!
Collecting items, identifying clues, solving puzzles and riddles!
Are you ready to challenge it?

I really glad that there are escape game in Queensbay Mall now! 
Could mingle around here few hours before my movie starts. 

Hello girls!

Can't wait to try out their rooms!
While waiting the others to arrived in the outlet, nothing better to do than pictures time.
Meng Meng 

Thank you for accompany me whole day love 


30 years have passed an incident not avoided. 
A death, a loss of a loved one, history all recorded, but now the secret of space and time are in your hands, with hopes of changing history.
To be granted one last demand, given the chance, will fate and luck hear you plead?
Will you be trapped in the warps of time, or will you succeed?
We're assign to a group of 5 peoples in this room. 
Group Members : Me, KJ, Esther, Anerly & Blanco.
We need to time travel in between past and future to find all the clues and change the history.

Time is ticking for one hour to complete our mission!

We really squeeze our brain juice to find the answers.
Observation, teamwork, creativity, communication and courage is a must to escape this room!

Finally we did it! But really exhausted man.

Smile of victory! It requires to climb up and down to another "space" HAHA
You'll know if you choose this room!

Thank you so much for the invites Jeffrey! I really enjoy the time in here!

There are how many rooms in Mission-Q?
There are 5 rooms with different unique escape games.

Can I know what's all about the 5 rooms?
Room 1 - Quantum   |  Room 2 - The Great Illusionist  
Room 3 - The Missing Corpse : The Vanished
Room 4 - Internal Affairs   |   Room 5 - The Secret Fortune

What should I wear to play this escape game?
Free and easy outfit. Prefer to wear sport shoes and no skirt.
As you need to climb around to another stage or room.

Is Mission-Q different from the other escape game?
Yes! To be true, I really highly recommend Mission-Q escape room than others.
Did you ever experiences before walls that could be opened up? 
Or pushing the moving walls to another dimension?
Experience trolleys that big enough to transport peoples across?
That's what I experiences in Mission-Q! Amazing right?

How much is the price for the games?
Student Price : RM28 / Person
Regular Price : RM32 / Person (Before 6pm)  |  RM35 / Person (After 6pm)
Weekend / Public Holiday : RM35 / Person
Finally done with this awesome post!
I really have so much fun with my team mates and we have so much laugher while escaping the room!
Remember to tell me what's your experience after you've experience it.
3F- 21 & 22, Queensbay Mall, Penang (Beside Queens Hall)
Official Website: www.mission-q.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/missionq
Instagram : @mission_q
Tel : 604-6370607

That's all for this post!
Update soon loves.


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