Hola! I'm super excited to share this post with you guys as 
I've done some Christmas shopping in the past weeks and done decorating my First Christmas Tree!
If you haven't watch it, you can watch in on my Youtube Chanel

I couldn't deny that I spend a lot during this month cause of all the Christmasy haul and present.
I really love how we spend time for each other, having fun, chilling together during this time!
I'm so happy that my family are going to join me together as their first christmas exchange gift this year! 
Can't wait to talk more about with you guys soon!

I'm so so so beyond lucky and happy that I received my First early Christmas gift from Sigma!
I just can't believe my eyes when I getting this Christmas gift from them cause 
I've been using their brush for such a long time!
Thank you for sending me such a awesome gift cause the brushes haven't launched in their website yet!
Thank you so so much Sigma! Can't wait to wear it soon.

Candle & Soap
Festive season couldn't missed out my favourite candle and hand soap!
Get it from Bath & Body Works.

Not sure anyone of you guys notice that it's really hard to get Christmassy sweater this year.
I've been looking a lot merchant but I did not found any perfect one until I went to KL's Cotton On.
Finally found the perfect one!

Table Setting & Baking Cups
I'm having Christmas party this year in my house, so I want everything to look nice for the table setting!
Will be baking cookies and cupcakes. Santa, Reindeer, Snowflakes and etc!
All item bought it from Kaison.

I love to collect mug cause I feel that pretty mug will brighten your day 
when you're having morning coffee! Snowman mug added in the crew this year.
Got it from Kaison.

Two more pink mug from Gurney! It only RM3.90 for each. 
Hot chocolate + whipped cream + marshmallow, perfect combination. 

Wrapping Papers + Cards
I know it's a bit lag of creativity for getting this kind of wrapping paper same as last year.
But I'm really busy in these past weeks! But I still loving all the wrapping paper so much.

I'm having a red + gold theme for my Christmas tree this year.
To be honest, I quite panic when getting all the ornaments and hanging decoration 
as I did not know how to match them well!
But I did some survey for Christmas decoration online, it really helps to get inspiration.
All the Christmas tree, ornaments and decoration I get from S&J.

Hope you guys like this post!
Sorry for the slow update for this few weeks, I'm keeping my speed up for the next post about Korea.
Remember to join my giveaway in the previous post, I'll pick the lucky one.
See you again in the next post,xx.

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