Magical World in Hong Kong Disneyland I

Finally is done and up on my blog after editing hundreds of pictures.
Spare some time to settle down for my overdue blog post after my Singapore trip!
Sorry for the overdue late post of Disneyland!
But I'll be separating to be two / three post? cause it is toooooooo much and lengthy. 
Please scroll it slowly kay. It's all my hard work =')

Today is the day we went to the Magical World of Disneyland!
I bet is everyone's little dream to go there once in a lifetime. 
So everyone is super excited today!

with my one and only Papa Low and sissy!
Papa Low not always on camera screen! So it's pretty hard to have a good picture with him ♥
See...he steal my bro's cap to wear. HAHA

My both beloved brother ♥

On the board! 
Exclusive Mickey logo at the MTR that down to Disneyland station.

Yay! Finally reach!
Standby my ever ready pose but the sudden wind -____-
Failed posture. 

Can't resist the cute ticket's from disney!

Say Cheese! All my precious one ♥

Don't forget to obtain these two guide book before you went for the whole tour in Disney!
It really helps a lot.

Love this quotes so much!
" Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy " 

Seasonal Greetings! 
Huge Christmas tree set in the middle of the main street USA!

Meet both Ginger Bread Man.

Donald Duck and Daisy ♥ Both of them are so lovely! 
They kissed each other every time when different tourist take a shot with them!

How you can resist all the goodies of Disney character? Tell meeee ><

1st Stop : Adventure Land 

We choose to head over the Jungle River Cruise to have a ride!

Adventurous experience in the river ride!
I'm so lucky to bump Mickey and Minnie after the ride when they walk by.
cause it requires a long q to take picture with them every time.
Grab the opportunity to meet them in person by my very 1st!

2nd Stop : Grizzly Gulch 

Very trilling experience with the runaway mine cars!
It moves backwards so fast till my lungs gonna puke out.

3rd Stop : Toy Story Land

So excited to meet them! Especially they are so tiny in the Toy Story!

Stay tuned for the other 2 parts of Disneyland!
Many wonderful places with awesome pictures.
Gonna get my ass ready to pack my luggage again.
Leaving again tomorrow for my another vacation.

Don't forget to try your luck for my post :

Update soon!

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  1. Was that a hippo? Quite crazy. Disneyland is a blast anywhere in the world. Excellent post.