Giveaway From Hong Kong.

Hello peeps!
Many people asked me why I always took the same spot in car,
that's the only selca time I have when I'm in rush and I don't wanna miss selca with ma make up on! :))

Finally my GIVEAWAY post is done officially. 
Especially for you guys all the way from Hong Kong!
I've bought all the following item from SaSa Hong Kong! Many cosmetic in their shop are having great discount for the X'mas season.
But I feel I'mma too late for Christmas and New Year Giveaway.
So I make it Chinese New Year giveaway.

| 1st item - Cameleon Make Up Collection |
Which is actually a make up pallet that great for travelling!
You'll know when you scroll down.

Those are the variety colors of eye-shadow in the 1st layer of the kit!
My camera might couldn't capture the color sharply, but I swear that their color is awesome.


2nd layer - For lips, blusher and highlight! 

Close Up

 | 2nd item - Lashionista | 
Very very popular and hot item of Maybeline 
Awesome comments and compliment for their mascara!  
If you din't know about it, click google for more information laa.

| 3rd item - Laneige and Nuxe Pack |
I've purchase Laneige item in hong kong for their X'mas pack and they give me bundle of this small pack of their products.
I only have one face, so I would like to share some of these with you guys too!

Here goes the total item of my give away!
| PLUS | 
I will be giving one GUCCI Guilty Lotion which I din't not used before, 
and  it is a compliment item when I bought their perfume.
So total item will be FOUR!

- - H O W  T O  W I N - -

1. Follow me in my blogspot
2. Leave a comment by answering this question :
"What make up you gonna try after you win this make up kit?"
3. Remember to leave your :
Name / Email / Facebook 

ONE LUCKY WINNER will be chosen for the give away based on your creative answer!
Good Luck laa and good night to me!

Contest End : 12th January 2014  


  1. Hi Carmen,

    Thank you for organizing this giveaway! I would love to try out the makeup look inspired by my favorite Kpop girl group, 2NE1 if I win this makeup kit. To be more specific, the fierce and strong look that is well carried by the leader, CL. :)

    Name : Karen Chew
    Email : karenchew777@hotmail.com
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/karencjw

  2. Hello, I would like to try purple smokey eye make up with the palette. I feel is quite suitable as the palette has all the colours. :)

    Name: Yvonne Yang
    Email: yvonne.yev@gmail.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yvonne.yang2230

  3. Hello,

    I would like to try smoky eyes with different colours other than black as there's so much colours in it.

    Name: Delilah Ho
    Email: delillah_lala@hotmail.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/delilahhurrdurr

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  5. Holla! The name's Serah.

    Have you watched the movie 'Frozen'? I seriously dig Queen Elsa. I like how their drew her - the makeup on her is such a dream.I would really wanna try to recreate that look with my amateur make-up skills.. Haha... Better try and learn than not at all =)

    Let's see if I am in luck with your giveaway. Thanks!

    Email: serah.lim91@gmail.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/serah.lim
    Blog: http://viviryamarlavida.blogspot.com/

  6. Hi.. I'm albee..^^
    Hmmm.. I definitely will try on simple make up style.. Just like your daily make up..look simple, clean but really attractive..
    I love the simple make up on your face..
    I love the way it makes me look "naturally" beauty..

    I will also try to make "rainbow" eye since the makeup box come with colorful colors..
    I love the way it makes me feel like an artist when I "paint" my face...
    I love the way it colors my life and makes me passionate about beauty...

    Please give me a chances to own them^^
    Thankyou very much Carmen.

    Name: Albeeyap
    Email: albee_910124@hotmail.com
    Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/albeeyap

  7. Hi,

    One of my favorite make-up products to play with are eyeshadows, so I can't wait to try out the eyeshadow palettes.

    I would like to try CNY make up look with the palette. *CNY is coming very soon right..* I feel that this year will be a cool-make-up-year! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

    Thank you! =D

    Name: Colney Qing
    Email: colneyqing@gmail.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/colneyqing

  8. Hi,

    I had followed your blogspot.
    How about the question " What make up you gonna try after you win this make up kit? " for me...

    Well, I love make up since I was small. I hope to go and learn make up in academy but I dont have the time. I have my self-learning from every makeup knowledge from internet.I don't have much make up stuff but I could try my best to draw my own art & creative makeup on face.

    Makeup is an interesting art for me, you could draw what you like, your feeling and thinking.

    Very sadly my dad was just passed away because of an accident and Im just 19. I am strong because I know i should be.

    And my main answer for this question is: I wish to have a whole new makeup to bring out my new life, the makeup might be bring out the strongness that i must have, I hope to use this makeup kit to bring out my whole new life, no more sadness but only strong and smile. That's it.

    Thank you Carmen for whatever you brought out to us, not only ur blogger, facebook but also your online shop and all of your effort. I now feel appreciate with anything I have.

    Name : Lim Angie
    Email : stellalim_angie@hotmail.com
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/limangie94

  9. i'm gonna try Cameleon Make Up Collection first if i won this giveaway!

    because.. i would like to play with eyeshadows! this palette contains major colors that i need to start with! i usually go out with just eyeliner but i think eyeshadow will enhance my eyes feature!

    Name: Constance Ann
    Email: annant@constance-ant.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/constance.ann.chung

  10. Hello Carmen <3

    For me i will try on Korean Ulzzang Summer Colour look that are quite famous now. :) As in M'sia summer is forever! So I can rock this look anytime! :D

    I hardly can find any nice make up palette. for example the famous naked 2 palette not really obvious when i applied it. hope this Cameleon Make Up Palette suitable for me =)

    Thank u and have a nice day :)<3

    Name : Yin Jee
    Email : yinjeelee@gmail.com
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/yinjeeee

  11. Hi, Carmen! After I win this make up kit, I gonna try to give to my beloved mother as new year present because she sacrificed a lot for the family & now wrinkles also grew up so much.

    Name: Danny Lim
    Email: torres456@gmail.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greenangel.mr.noob

  12. What make up you gonna try after you win this make up kit?

    I will try to make my eye looks bigger, sexy lip and has a nice scent on my body with perfume during Chinese New Year. I also sharing this make up kit with my mum and sisters too :)

    Kien Mei

  13. Hi!

    "What make up you gonna try after you win this make up kit?"

    I'm gonna try a natural nude looking make up! I'm not sure if the make up kit will be suitable for that or not, because I only make up on special occasions! Now I'm learning to do more for a new year ahead! Wish I have good hands on make up! Thank you!

    Name: Irean
    Email: irean.88@gmail.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ilinglingling

  14. Hi, im Emily :) people use to call me Yogurt as my fb name is Yogurt >_<
    Im very happy because this time the giveaway items were match with my wish.. as im a beginner in learning make up, i dunno which brands or make up tools should i go for x(
    Until now i still did not manage to purchase a full set of tools and i only go for eyebrow and contact lens only T^T
    If i had the chance to win this amazing, easy and convenience kit i would like to start my first make up which is simple, natural yet playful look. i had gone thru many pictures and video posted out by many bloggers including you and i would like to test all those look with the palette for my 2014 look book! :D

    EMAIL: emily1688@hotmail.com
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/yogurtmilk

  15. Hi!

    Personally I don't really have a specific look I'd like to try but all the colors are really versatile and I think it's really appropriate for any kind of events, so be it chinese new years, valentines or even birthday, the entire set is just right! I thought this is a really good combination so it's be really nice to have this. Thanks! :)

    May Tan, may.tsm@live.co.uk
    Facebook: facebook.com/siewmay.tan

  16. Since I wear glasses, I don't wear much make-up except concealer, BB cream & eyeliner. In this new year, I want to be more adventurous in make-up! There are so many colours on the pallette that I can experiment with; mascara to really open up my eyes; the masks to really prep up my skin for my experiments! One day I'm gonna try Audrey Hepburn's classic look, definitely! :D

    Name: Win Zee
    Email: win.zzee@gmail.com
    FB: http://fb.com/winzee.teong
    Blog: http://eezniw.wordpress.com

  17. Hai Carmen,
    "What make up you gonna try after you win this make up kit?"

    I actually love Makeup that makes me look like innocent, pure.

    I want to try arabic makeup ones cos i have bigger eyes. Lashionista mascara will complete my arabic makeup
    I don't know why i love red and brown eyeshadow, When i used this both combination i feel confident with my self..

    EMAIL: ikathequeen@yahoo.com
    fb: https://www.facebook.com/noor.atiqah.35

    blog: http://notamanjaku.blogspot.com/

  18. Hi Carmen, thanks for your giveaways.
    The make up I gonna to try after win it is just a simple make up first as I am not so familiar make up with eyes shadow, so I would like to try with simple make up like only using one color of eyes shadow. I will try learn more type of make up to fully utilize your item :D

    Name: Pinky Ng
    Email: pinkyyii@live.com
    FB: Is Pinky

  19. Hi Carmen,

    Have been following your posts for quite some time since last time when you have online clothing store. Just taking a chance here to say your posts are great. One of the cool bloggers that I follow.
    I would use this make up palette and give a try on the makeup tutorials I saw on Michelle Phan youtube channel all the time. Have been wanting to try on bold colours :)

    Hope I'm lucky..Thanks Carmen.

    Name : May Ooi
    Email: happytreemay@gmail.com
    FB: facebook.com/may.happytree

  20. Followed your blog. (:

    I would use this make up palette to try for sweet and funky look.
    This make up palette colors definitely has pretty colors which can use for versatile looks depends on occassion.

    Hopefully I can win this. (:

    Rebecca Hii

  21. Hello Carmen!

    Well, thank you for having this giveaway. :)
    Don't know if I'll win it, but thought I'd just give it a try.
    Thanks to Jxhia, I found out that you were having this giveaway. Hehe

    Anyways, to answer your question.

    "What make up you gonna try after you win this make up kit?"

    First of all, I'm a newbie to make up. As I get older, I start to care for my looks instead of back when I was in high school, I didn't use any make-up at all! (I know it's very sad) BUT if I'm lucky to win this giveaway, I would definitely try a few types of make up like the everyday make up routine (more to natural look), or if there's any special occasions like weddings, I could try a heavier make up look, the eye shadows can be very helpful.

    Thank you Carmen! :)

    Name: E-Lynn Lim
    Email: xoxo.lynn_95@hotmail.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elynnn12

  22. My dream is to be an air hostess and we all know that how an air hostess make up and how they take care of their beauty. This is a great platform for me to practice more about make up as i'm very new to makeup and the ever first make up that i will do if i win this is my own creation make up that i can do with the make up palette

    Name: Cheryl WenNee
    Email: cherylwennee23@gmail.com
    Facebook: Cheryl WenNee

  23. hi carmen! thanks for hosting this!
    i would really like to try a korean look that matches well with pastel color clothes. i always think that whatever you wear, you must have a make up that matches what you wear. i love pastel clothes this year, so i would love to have a go on Cameleon make up collection because it has all those right color shades for my clothes! (especially my CNY clothing) i would also love to try out their blusher because i cannot leave home without any blusher on my face. A blusher is to make our face look less boring and make it 'alive'.
    i followed you ~
    Name: Ann Tan
    Email : annstarfish94@yahoo.com
    Facebook: Ann Tan

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