Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner

Hello angels!
I've been so hardworking to update my blog lately almost be my daily diary of updates.
I hope you guys won't be bored with me if I update daily!
I'm gonna share one of my favourite haul today in this post.
I'm so so so in love with this product lately as I received my parcel last week. 

Parcel arrived!
Pretty lucky that my box still good in shape when I received it.
Lovely haul form Natta Cosme.

This is the make up product that I've received this month as their beauty ambassador.
|   M I S S  H A N A  E Y E L I N E R   |
You definitely must check out the awesomeness of this eyeliner in this post.

I've been given two color, which are:
#03 Choco Brown

#01 Night Black

Written the words by both eyeliner to see more clearer of both colour!

Frankly speaking that,
I'm totally NOT a fans of a pen eyeliner. 
WHY? Cause it smudge and fade very fast.
Especially I draw my lower eyelid with the pen eyeliner, within 2-3 hours my eye will totally become 
Smoky Eye Panda Make Up 
Like seriously FML when you out for a date for steamboat dinner.
When you start sweat, you'll know. HAHA
Plus, I don't really trust the words that WATERPROOF of all the make up products.
Cause some make up product really thumbsdown* for their waterproof. 

I'm using #01 Night Black

Before I start using this Miss Hana Waterproof Pen Eyeliner.
I've done a few test to see whether it is true or not for the comment and review that saying
"The awesomeness of this product!"

|   Test 1: Waterproof   |
After I written all the words on my hand, I straight walk in to my bathroom and have this test.
Amazingly that it doesn't have any black ink of the eyeliner wash off when I shower my hand!

|   Test 2 : Rubbing   |
After I showed my hand, I tap away the water gently from my hand. 
Then use a clean sheets of tissue and rubbing the words that written on my hand after being showed by water.
For common sense, the words could be rub / fade away easily cause my hand are not completely dry. 

Surprisingly that the new sheets of tissue are COMPLETELY CLEAN.
As you can see the nail mark on my back of my hand, I actually rub quite hard try to remove it.
But it doesn't success to remove by rubbing it. 

|    Test 3 : Removing   |
After all the test, it really amazed me with the outcome!
So is time to try the removing of this make up. I thought that it would be hard to remove as 
it is a very long lasting eyeliner. BUT it is so easy to remove after you wipe it with your make up remover! 
Totally different with I rub it with tissue with nothing on. Super easy to remove!

As conclusion for all the test that I've done, I really believe what I've see with my own eye!
It is really awesome! Plus it is super inexpensive make up product that could be afford by everyone.
Say NO to Smug anymore!


I'm using this Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeline #01 Nigh Black for this picture!
You should try yourself with the test too to know the awesomeness that I mention.
Plus, you can get RM5 offer by entering "MISSHANA" to purchase any colour of Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner.
Coupon Expire on 15th May 2014.

For more information:
Natta Cosme Official Website

Natta Cosme Facebook Page

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  1. The eyeliner looks good on you