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Hello gorgeous darlings!
Sorry for neglect my blog for a week, HEHE.
But I'm back with a good news for you guys!  
It's been awhile since my recent giveaway from Hong Kong.
I think is time to organised another giveaway to you guys. So please love me more kay! HAHA
 | Readers Privilege Time | 

I've been blogging for Ollie Jewellery in my past month,
the product and service that they offer really amazed me and I really recommend to you guys strongly!
  You can read my previous post here :
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Here goes my parcel received from Ollie Jewellery
Love this month packing from them, because it is pink! 
My favourite colour !

Time to unwrap it!

What I get is this, the Key To My Heart Pendant
All their product are made of genuine .925 sterling sliver jewellery,
which is not only rhodium-plated (which can enhance the shine and durability) and also nickel free!
If you're having sensitive skin like me, 
you can wear it safely without worrying to have itchy skin! 

Closer Shot

- - HOW TO WIN - - 

1. Follow me in my blogspot
3. Leave a comment below by answering this question :
"If this is a magical key to unlock anything in the world, 
what do you wish to unlock?"
4. Remember to leave your 
Name + Facebook + Email

I'll pick my favourite ONE with your creative answer!
Can't wait to read your comment with full of imagination.
Good Luck in trying!

Giveaway Ends : 12th April 2014 


  1. If it is a magical key, I wish to unlock the door of princess.
    Every girl wish to have the unique and outstanding face and characters which can attract the attention of boys and be the princess in his heart. Not only boys but also attract the opportunity of career and etc. Unlock the unconfident and ugly faces, be the princess with full of confidence.

  2. If it is a magical key i wish to unlock the door of freedom to go Paris since Paris is my love place and it is hard for me to go there right now.

  3. Name:Eriol Loh
    FB:Eriol Loh

  4. If this is a magical key, i wish to unlock the door/locker which locked quiz/final exam paper inside so that I will know what question comes out and what to study for and of course so that I can pass my exam!! :D

    FB: Shenyin Oh
    Email: Shenyinoh@hotmail.com

  5. If it is a magical key,I wish to unlock her heart and mind.I wanted to go the deepest side of her heart and mind to listen what she says ,feelings and thoughts.A girl who I loved but always hurt by me unintentionally but she is just keep everything silently.By this way I can understand more about her and give all she needed from me :)

    Name: Kai Wing
    Fb : Kai Wing
    Email : kelvintkw888@gmail.com

  6. If that is a magical key that can unlock anything in the world, I would like to unlock the door to cancer cure. I lost my grandmother due to cancer, I was still young at that time and couldn't really understand what was going on except that she was in pain most of the time. Seeing my mum go through that whole ordeal (losing her mum) was tough as well. I wish that no one else has to experience the pain of losing a loved one due to cancer.

    Name: Mandy Ooi
    FB Name: Mandy Ooi
    Email: thatgirlnamedmandy.blogspot.com

  7. If that is a magical key, I will unlock the lock in my heart! Until now i still have no idea how's my future looks like. Biggest enemy, challenge and mood even hormones changes become my powerful locks inside my heart! I need to unlock all of them, so that I can UNDERSTAND more about myself, fight against my stubbornness and turn into a brand new Jacqueline! No longer stay in depression, whenever I felt over-stressed!超越自我 <3

    Jacqueline Khoo

  8. If that is a magical key that can unlock anything in the world, I would unlock the heart of sad people to make them happy. The people who are sad are lock up their sad things and always think about it so I want to unlock their heart so that they will feel relax and happy.

    Name/FB: Kien Mei

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  10. If this is a magical key, i wish to unlock the door to all the riches in the world. The name i give this key is Miracle. This magical thought key I have will help me open all the doors I wish in my life, and can lead me to whereever I want in life. There are no real doors but magical thought doors. Thoughts doors are toughts you think about to make my wishes come true. This thought door key will be mine key to success and riches if I use it to do good for myself and others. For example, I want to success so badly in my career, make tonnes of money so that I can bring my mom to go round the world. With my thought only "Poof~ we're in Maldive; enjoying life.

    Name/FB: Yushiiz Wah

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