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Hello peeps!
Back to my blog as I promised that I will update at least once a week.
I'm having a cup of Nestum and typing this post.
Gastric strikes again =/ It has been 3 days.
Idk why my gastric pain continuously strikes before my dinner time and it last few days.
It's so sucks to bare the pain to sleep every night.

Today I gonna blog about my all time favourite Jewellery Online Store as I've been mention
few times before in my previous post, I bet you guys will notice if you've always keep an eye on my blog!
Ollie Jewellery

Received this lovely parcel from them with my favourite pink wrapping!
Gonna unwrap them in a minutes after I took this picture. Too pretty and sweet to unwrap tho!
I'm pretty excited cause I din't know what's in it. 

Surprised reveal! Both is earring. Awwwwww
I've always wanted to stock more earrings in my earring collection.
I named them as THE BUTTERFLIES
I'm actually quite impressed with the shinny of the genuine .925 sterling sliver that
coated with rhodium-plated (that enhance the shine and durability)
The best part is, all their product are nickel free! NO WORRIES for sensitive or allergic skin.

Which is the best for your preference?
I personally love the 1st earring more! Feels elegant and simple.
That's what Ollie Jewellery always says:
"Luxury is not always Expensive"
It depends how you wear and how you style it.
Remember that elegant is always simple.

Thinking to get one for yourself?
Remember to quote my name "LAYRYNN" to get 15% off for all item in store!
Luxury is not always expensive, I just love this quote so much!

Till here today then.
Will be update soon for next post.
Loves and good night!

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