Bello loves! 
It's officially December now! I'm sorry that idk how many times I've been mention about it.
Can't wait for the most wonderful time of the year! 
   We wish you a Merry Christmas   

It's been awhile I did my favourite of the month.
These are part of the favourite that I purchase on November and the past week in December.
I choose some of my top favourite item to blog about it!
DISCLAIMER : This is not a bragging post, if you don't really like this type of post, please click exit from this post.
I just wanna share my joy for my favourite item in this post, hope you guys like it!

I watched Love, Rosie last month and I love this movie so so much,
so I decide to hunt for the book to read more stories! I'm so glad that I bought this book, 
because there are so many sweet and interesting stories that the movie did not mention about it.
I haven't start to read If I stay yet, but I bet it's worth for it price too!

Another book that I really excited to share is this, Girl Online by Zoella
I'm so happy that I could place my pre-order in Amazon to get this book.
As you know, not many merchant can recognised Malaysia, so I'm glad that I could bought this book.
I'm so obsessed with Youtubers in the past years, and she's one of the Youtuber that I really adore so much.
Getting her 1st book is the best support that I could show.

 Just can't resist not to bought this Naked 3 palette when I last visit Sephora last week.
I know I'm a lil bit late to purchase it, but late better than no.
I attempt to do a holiday make up look, but I din't have any inspiration yet.
So not sure should I do tutorial about it, we shall see. HAHA

I've been using Iphone 4s quite some time, so I decide to take a break with the old one.
Actually I still not really get used to the wider screen of Iphone 6 till today.
The camera is superb amazing! Apple's camera never failed a photography lover.

December is all about sweater
I'm a huge lover of flourish thing, I literally fell in love with this sweater in my 1st sight in H&M.
Always flawless. Every dreams of girls, so get it!

I'm so happy that I finally have time to do some baking, cause I'm a cooking and baking lover.
I love red velvet cake so much! 
I bought a box of red velvet recipe from cold storage the other day and just in time to bake yesterday.
That's my result! I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome and the cream cheese frosting! 
Get lotsa compliment from the people who have it! hehe.

The last one, wrapping paper.
Having so much of joy when shopping wrapping paper for this coming christmas!
Need to start packing all the pressie when they arrived at my door step.
That's all for my favourite of the month! Which is your favourite one among all?
See you again in my next post.

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