Hello beautiful peoples!
Today gonna share some topic with you girls, about DRESSES.
Never gonna lie that I love dresses so much.
I don't consider myself as fashion guru or fashion icon person. If you know me well, you'll know that I always go for simple and comfy outlook.
So I always prefer dresses. One piece and I'm good to go for my date.

There are too many ways to style with dresses. Dinner party dresses, casual dress, maxi dress, wedding dress and etc.
I wanted to share more about the dress that I love the most,
Dinner Party Dress.

Dinner party is the party that you could dress up yourself to look amazing as much you can be!
The night might be prom night, bestie wedding night, company annual dinner and etc,
which you wanna be the most outstanding and unique than others.
The most common choice everyone will go with is stunning dress / gowns, as it gives off the romantic elegant approach.
These are some party dresses that I loved. Elegant and classy.
I personally will dress up for these choices of gowns for the dinner parties.

If you're not a gown person, you can always go for other choices of dress.
Here are some of my favourite too!

Black and gold. White and lace. 
Everything looks simple and effortless. But it do shows that you're dressing up for the night or date!

I love to play with accessories. 
Thus I love adding on some accessories that will bring our look to the next level.
Here are some mix and match by styling up with dresses.
Accessories  |   Heels  |  Clutch  |  Glasses  

So, which is your favourite look styling up with dresses?
I have lot more to share! But I hope you girls could share your idea with me in comment =)

Looking for some stylish and fashionable dress in Malaysia?
You may check out Zalora shopping site:

Zalora offers a wide range of dresses online from various local and international brand for women to choose.
The fashion online store you'll never wanna missed.

That's all for today!
Have a great day ahead. xoxo.


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