Hello beautiful peoples!
Finally uploading the final post of our Europe Honeymoon trip - Paris.
It's another piclog blogpost again as TBH that it's pretty hard to handle so many things at once! 
Pictures for Blog, pictures for Instagram, Instagram Stories 
and Youtube Video throughout the entire trip. 
I do stories lesser in my Ig stories, but still pretty busy and lots of things to handle. 
Here's our route for 23 days Europe Trip, 
you may click on below destination if you missed out any previous post! 
London > Amsterdam > Belgium > Paris > London
A city of Love and Romance - Paris.
Never knew Eiffel Tower is so huge until I saw it with my own eyes!
It really have the magic power to let you stare at it all the time. 

Louvre Museum 
The museum is so huge! We din't know that and we walked for 1-2 hours still yet to finish.
It's pretty worth it for visit as you need to pay for the ticket!
Remember to purchase your ticket online so you can cut the long que with other tourist.
Can you imagine how small is the real Monalisa Painting?

Disneyland Paris! 
The 4th / 5th Disneyland that I've check in! Can't wait to check in the final disneyland soon 

Can't slip away the chances of picnic again in Paris.
I saw my friend's picture that they could picnic right in front of Eiffel Tower at The Champ De Mars,
but I not sure why they have fenced around it during the time we visit it.
But luckily that we found a little picnic spot around The Champ De Mars which a little further down.
Enjoying the warm sunlight and chilling breeze. Everything just prefect like this!
Bought some Éclair from L'Éclair de Génie with us this time! Sooooo Yum!

Please go to Montmarte street! Lots of amazing drawing & print pictures you could find there!

Another must visit places : Palais Garnier (Paris Opera House)
You'll get to witness the finest opera house in the world if you follow the tour via online booking!


I really love this airbnb!
Tiny and cozy! Plus the location not really far from city center and the price is a good deal!
As we travel in Europe, most of the Airbnb is sharing with owner / other roomates,
but this one is we have all the apartment by ourselves which is great!
Charlene is super friendly too! Please help me say "Hi" to her if you're staying her place!
(But her place is usually fully booked, I just saw it fully booked till year 2020)
Here's the link: Appartement cosy à 10 min du Sacré Cœur

Here's my Amsterdam & Belgium Itinerary in the attachment.
Remember to comment down below if you've download my itinerary!
To show appreciation for this post! Kiss*
Let me know if you love this post too.


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