Hello people! 
It's been awhile I took a break from my blog after my Honeymoon trip in Europe Trip.
It's an amazing trip after all for total of 23 days in Europe for 4 countries.
London > Amsterdam > Belgium > Paris > London
I'll be including all the necessary information in this blogpost!
So do stay tuned till the end of this post.

Europe First stop - London 
London is my first and top list to visit while planning this entire trip.
I just love London so much! It's my childhood dream to be there ever since I know this place.
As me and hubby are in LDR all the while, thus in our entire honeymoon trip we just wanna relax and enjoy our precious moment together and leaving all the work behind. 

I do love how we agreed to have free and easy schedule in this entire trip. 
We have the time to experience picnic in the park, watching the ducks walking by while we are sitting on the grass, squirrel running towards us for food and swans swim elegantly across the river.
| St. James Park |

| Borough Market | 

Tower Bridge 

London Eye

Birthday Celebration @ Dalloway Terrance 

My social media life safer during my entire trip!

Look how pretty is the street! 

Lunch at Coppa Club

One of the best dessert shop in London that we've been!

Insta-worth it cafe! But the dessert is really so so only.

Is a Europe public transport apps that we just can't live without this apps.
Super convenience and informative!   
All mode of transportation like Bus, Subway and walking.
 Fares and time duration of the distance are all shown in this apps.

We stayed in this Airbnb for our 10 days stay in London.
Mo is super friendly and thoughtful cause he let us left our luggage at his house when we went to intercity travel for almost 2 weeks. 
Location is pretty strategic cause we could hop on to the bus station across the street,
and without any transfer we could reach all the tourist attraction within 15-20 minutes.
Here's his Airbnb link: Mo's House

Here's my London Itinerary in the attachment.
Remember to comment down below if you've download my itinerary!
To show appreciation for this post! Kiss*
Let me know if you love this post too.

Don't forget to check out my channel for my London Vlog too!

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