Hello beautiful people!
Another piclog post update about our Europe honeymoon trip!
In this post, I'll be covering Amsterdam & Belgium. 
Paris will be another blogpost, which is also the final post of our honeymoon trip!
Here's our route for 23 days Europe Trip, 
you may click on below destination if you missed out any previous post! 
London > Amsterdam > Belgium > Paris > London

Enroute from London > Amsterdam. We bought EuroStar Train ticket for this ride.

I just can't believed that I'm here! Everything in here is so breathtaking!
All the narrow canal houses is so small and exquisite that worth taking million pictures.
How can riverside be so pretty too?!

Just can't stop staring at the narrow canal houses beside the river. 
So picture perfect like walking into a drawing in real life.
We booked a canal cruise tour and it's definitely one of our memorable trip ever!
So many stories told by the tour guide about Amsterdam! 
Personally feel that you shouldn't missed this chance to take a tour! 
You can watch my Youtube video to know more about the canal cruise tour. 

Don't forget to try the Dutch style Pancake too! In savoury and sweet style.

We originally planned to go Giethoorn but at last we give up as the journey is pretty far for us.
Thus, we choose to visit Zaanse Schans to visit the Windmills, Clogs Workshop & Cheese Factory.
It took up half day to tour around the places and it's pleasantly great too!
Remember to experience and taste the cheese! 
I wish I could turn back the time and bought a few more for my cheese platter :( 

All places that I've visited is all in my Itinerary below! 

Have our Insta Famous - Cake Pop by the river side too!

Thank you Roaming Man! My social media life safer during my entire trip!

Check in - Amsterdam Centraal. 

We went to Brussel, Brugge & Ghent when we're in Belgium.
TBH that it's not much places to visit in Belgium, but I love how peace and calm this city compare to other cities that we went in Europe. Personally thinks that 3D2N is perfect to spend in here! 
Please remember to try the white wine cream mussel when you're in Brussel!
I never ate any mussel before this, but I completely fell in love in this dish when I'm in here.
Of course don't forget about their Chocolate & Waffle too! Belgium is chocolate & waffle heaven! 

Brussel - Grand Place

Partner in crime for life 

Bruges - Old St John Hospital & Boat Trips Scenery

Brugge - Markt & MinneWater Park

Ghent - St Micheal Bridge.
So sad that it rains the whole day when we visit to Ghent, 
we only manage to get a few nice pictures for the whole day! 
But as long as I'm travelling with my loves one, that's all it matters.

Personally don't really recommend this Airbnb as it's a little further from the city center.
Although the bed, room and common area is pretty clean,
But it's a hostel that you'll need to share toilet, bathroom with the rest of the temporary room mates.
Thus the hygienic is a little problem for us when you have so many sharing room mates for days. 
Although the price is really cheap compare with others, but personally I don't really recommend it.
But if you're in a budget tight restrain and don't really matter about the issue, it's perfectly fine stay!
We do make some friends during our stay there!

This is one of the best stay during our Europe trip!
Jean Pierre is a super host and his airbnb stay is really more than 5 star rating!
Unfortunately he closed down his listing last year as I can't found any link after that.
If he happen to reopen his listing again, I'll update again in this post.

Here's my Amsterdam Vlog! Remember to watch the whole vlog!
As I visit alot of places that did not include in this piclog blog,
such as the Red Light District & Bull Dog Shop!
Belgium vlog is coming up soon! Please stay tuned too. xx

Here's my Amsterdam & Belgium Itinerary in the attachment.
Remember to comment down below if you've download my itinerary!
To show appreciation for this post! Kiss*
Let me know if you love this post too.


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