When I was.

I've been inspire by some bloggers and you-tubers in few days back, I watch so so so many videos and blog-post to seeking some inspiration and HOW-THEY-BLOG. Don't get me wrong that I'm gonna plagiarized their style, but just wanna find my own way to be a better lifestyle blogger as me, myself.
I've been scratching my head few days back to think of a blog post that could be interesting and enjoy while reading it back after few years. So I've thinking that, I'm gonna write some about myself, about my past, childhood and so on. Perhaps after years and years viewing back, I would know myself better?

WARNING : This post gonna be long and length, maybe you would like to catch a cup of tea / snacks to read it.

Super Chio me. HEHE
I'm the eldest one in my family, I was the most SAYANG children in family when I was a kid, everyone kissed me and spoiled me so much when I was small. My cheek is always red and allergic because of too many kiss mark on my face when I'm small. I still remember that I always have the best ever birthday party that organized in KFC that near my taman which mama will invite all of my relatives to my birthday party. So birthday always is my favorite day for as me, as I sees as Birthday = Unlimited Present. HAHA. But all the priority ends when I have more and more siblings after the following years. I remember that me and my siblings always play together with the some games, like MAMASAK. By having cooking some props of french-fries, vegetable, cooking stove,pots and teapot and some creative menu for "customers" which is both my little brothers and among all the props of MAMASAK, I love the most is the fake cake, cause it could be cut and stick it back into pieces when after we are done playing it. It is the coolest MAMASAK props I have! HAHA

When I was in kinder-garden, I'm a very shy person that doesn't talk a lot in classes and I always late to class EVERY MORNING cause my dad always bring me to an Indian temple to have some sort of praying things that walk a circle of the buddha in the temple and ah neh neh will leave a white / red mark on my forehead. I actually hate it so much during that time, cause I looks like a weirdo when you're coming late to school and your forehead got red red stuff, all my classmate thinking of I'm a children of ah neh neh.

I kinda miss the time when I spend with daddy when he fetch me to school. Miss the feelings that he carry me around his shoulder and put me into my school compound that he need to carry me high up to avoid that fence of kinder-garden school, BUT my skirt always get stuck with the stupid fences and show my panty. wtf. I do have some sad times when in kinder-garden. Every little one loves to wait for recess time, cause we could eat our favourite food that we brings to school that day. I always have my own food to school as moma will prepare some my favorite food or my grandpa will buy me my favorite CHA KOAY TIOW for me. But in class, there were some girls that loves to creates drama and like wanna be BIG SISTER that always take my food away from my Tupperware by saying, "eah eah, yours seems nice leh, can let me eat some anot?" The most ridiculous part is, they were five people in that group -__________- everyone one small mouth and all food is finish by them. What I can taste is the leftover of some bean sprout, so I always tears when saw grandpa coming to fetch me cause I'm to hungry for the whole day.  

Sorry for my free hand drawing.

I have four siblings which is very close to me, and each of us are very close to each other. We could pillow talk together and sleep together right after we have our talk. We laugh of shitty things, like how we pee / shits on our pants when we were in kindergarten /  primary schools. How we make fun of people by farting in the classroom and said that is other people doing it. We enjoy being us when we are gather together to have some heart talk.

I'm facing some communication difficulty when I'm in primary school, as I'm in English school when kinder-garden and I DON'T speak Chinese in home. I remember the first day in school, I find it so weird around me cause everyone is speaking Chinese and teacher is teaching the 1st chapter of chinese book, I'm so lost and helpless throughout the day. Therefore, every night moma has to helped me call my classmate to ask what's the homework that been given by teacher each day. Slowly as the day passed in school, I started to learn to speak and write Chinese every day, so I'm pretty much speaking Chinese now and then. I used to have a lot of admirer when I was in primary school, I play a lot with friends during recess, especially guy friends. I have a lot of nickname when in primary schools, like Carman, camera, camel and so on. We always have speeding writing compete in class during recess to see who can write faster. HAHA. I love to stay up late night for phone calls with one of my guy friend, that we discuss a lot about homework, musics, and love perhaps? But eventually we dint hooked up to become couple at the end, we just best friend. I remember my shoe size is pretty small when I'm in standard 6, my shoes size is only 3. So it is hard for me to find pretty school shoes to class when every time school reopen.  

As I growing older in secondary school, I'm getting fatter and fatter cause I love to eat and sleep right way after that. But it's funny that I still feel I'm pretty much thin at the point of time, so wtf. My weight hits 50kg i think? Plus I'm in petite size, so it should be the combination of potato, short and fat. I personally thinks that growing fat is really unpleasant, and I'm not the type of beautiful, gorgeous type of girls from the beginning or when I was born. So, I have to figure it out some ways to make myself better.

See. It is really looks =/ with spectacles and plum face. 
Imagine how fat am I. wtf

Everyone has their past, I know it could be having consequences that people start creating stories about me and so what ever, saying that I looks ugly without make up, I looks horrible with glasses, I looks so different without make up, this and that. HELLO, perhaps you should take a mirror and look at yourself 1st, and please have the guts to confess to me personally. Dare to speak behind / leave comment but no guts to show your name. CEH. BUT, WHO CARES. That's me. I've overcome it, that's why I decided to share my stories today!

I started to getting thinner when I'm near form 3 as I've chosen by my teacher to represent Red-Crescent to Thailand for scout Jamboree Camping for two weeks. Then I've started to loss weight to 43kg and I've maintain it for 45kg by controlling my diet for the pass years. I've been taking some diet products to in the pass years to keep my weight and shape good in line. No ones prefer to be fat than thin right? So, you've the right to choose the best for yourself and I decided to have some change to be a better me. Then, I started to learned some make up skills through magazine, buying some make up kit, beauty products, outfits and so on.

I really do believe hard works pays off!

Then I've meet the most important man in my life when I'm in form 4, year of 2006 until today. There are a lot of bitterness, problems that we've faced together throughout this 7 years. But there are happiness and sweetness overload that he have done for me. Every little things still in my heart feeling fresh as like the day we 1st meet. Until today, we still kissed each other every day when we saw each other. I'm still very in love with the moment and feelings by waking up beside of him and seeing his sleeping face before I sleep. We done baking and cook together, laundry and housework to keep practicing to the day for us to build our own family in future.

In all the years, there are good friends and bad friends that I've meet in my life. Good friends supports us whenever you need, but bad friends teaches us lesson and experiences in life. Haters? I have, but for me, I choose to not know who are my haters or what they talk about me, although my friend will pass me message that who are they. Cause I feel that if you know what they talk about you, you will feel emotional and sensitive to what people saying about you. So I don't give it a damn. But haters, you probably don't know that I know you hate / gossip about me, but others do spread the words to me. So, be careful when you talk bad, especially to a blogger kay? blow kiss*  

I cherish everyone that appears in my life and every opportunity that given to my life. I dint know that I could blog and become a tiny little blogger that you could be probably reading her post everyday. Thank you for spending your precious little time with me and grow with me to who I am today. I'm grateful and Thank You so so much.

I hope this would not be a bored and length post?
It maybe have a lot of spelling mistakes and grammar error, but it is too long for me to correct it one by one.
Perhaps origin taste better? HAHA
Thank you so much for enjoy reading as I'm while I'm writing this for the lengthy post.
Update soon.


Finally have some little time to update my blog!
I've created an account in DAYRE yesterday, and I'm starting to loving it cause it is a mobile blogging apps that could update some news instantly with pictures / video that not exceed 500 words. So if you update your pictures regularly in the day, it will combine become a blog post! Cool right? You can search MINE here! Will update there daily I guess?

I'm kinda sad that my Nuffnang cheque lost when on the way delivery to my doorstep, all my friends getting their's early of this week, but mine still haven't reach in hand. Hopefully they will reissue again next week. Poppi reach to miiee safety next week. =')

I've been seeking for some courses to attend for W E B S I T E  D E S I G N, can't wait heard news from them when class started! It is my desire courses since I'm in form 5, glad that I have the chance to undertake this courses now. Perhaps would be having my own little design corner after I've accomplished everything? Can't wait for it to happen soon! YAY.

Planing to doing some YOUTUBE video, there are some choices in my mind! Just waiting for the right time to shoot and film it and I planning to having some GIVE AWAY to all of you for X'mas pressie! What you guys would love to have? hmmmm?

Update soon na.

The Black House - Zakka Store

Sunday! It's my favorite day of every week, cause I have my own slagging time to do whatever I want today by not hanging out for dates!
Sorry my dear that I've to cover up your face with this expression, cause it doesn't seems nice to post the epic face. HAHA

Girls date out last week with my BFF, Soey for my belated birthday treats to the new cafe in town. I dint know that it could be awesome for me, cause bloggers need to snap a lot of pretty pictures to make sure their blog doesn't seems dull? or long wordy post only? We really have a good time chit-chatting and taking pictures like crazy. LOL. Luckily there are only one couple are with us the same time, but I notice that we spread the cam-whoring virus to the couple, cause the moment we start taking the pictures all around the cafe, they did exactly the same after us! HAHA.

The Black House - Zakka Store

It is a pretty interesting little store that ONLY have three table to serve. I suggest if you guys come late, perhaps you should call and make reservation 1st, or else the waiting time will be long as too many pretty little things to take pictures with! 

The Hanging Board Menu

I'm Sexy? Lol

So obsessed with the candy I'm holding with =/

Oops! too much pictures over float my blog with all the pretty little things right?
I nearly forget that I'm there for the brunch. HAHA. Perhaps you guys visit dee tell me about your experiences with their store!

Soey's - Big Boss
Taste pretty nice! It is their recommended dish for all time favor!
It wouldn't be too heavy and much for girls.

Mine - Bacon Salad
I love the combination of the sauce and how they make their bacon.
It is superb crispy! But it's kinda disappointing with the onion, too spicy!
 I get choke with the spicy taste. =/ 

Love this so much! Hope it could be my travel luggage while travel! 

Childhood memories that skipping class by giving a ride of bus to malls!
Please don't learn this kay, kiddy.

Thank you so much for your treats and your day!
Love ya much much yooo.

The Black House - Zakka Store
Address : 6E, Arratoon Road,10050 Penang.
Tel : 04-2289796
Opening Hour : 11am-8pm (Closed on Tuesday)

Till next time daaa.

Thrilled Halloween Party by MACH

---- I saw S.A.W ----

It is my 1st time to celebrate Halloween with bunch of friends together this year! It is kinda excited when we search few places for costume renting just for the night, but kinda sad that searching costume in Penang is a pretty difficult task cause too less shop and too less choice! Perhaps should pre-book / purchase from online earlier for next year!

Pretty thanks for Leonard the boss for inviting us to the THRILLED Halloween Party MACH which organized by Hong Leong Bank together with Livescape Asia in China House. I'm kinda surprised that China House really done a good job in decorating the whole environment and their finger food amazingly! Pictures will do the talk! Thank you for my readers that participate on the ticket's give away show up that day, hope u guys enjoy the night too and congraz for winning away the Ipad!

Pictures credit to Kino

My bfie doesn't wanna dress something fancy or costume on the night. So I've come up this idea for his outfit of the night! Then he found his partner, Jxhia's bfie, Wallace to dress up together! Damn CHIO. I guess they both pull it off very very well! Clap*


Mine - The Red Devil
I tried to put on RED lips, but my skin tone doesn't suits it well =/

Baby J! Love the gun she holding that night.

Leonard-The-Boss / Ms_Kuan

Wei Sheng and his friend

Saw something? H-A-H-A

♡ The couple of the night! 

 Halloween party featuring DJ Eva T, DJ Jerryca Misty, and B.A.T.E. 


When Carmen meets Carmen. Love her personality so much!

with Ethan Curzon! Catch up again when in kl!

The pumpkin head makes everyone get super high that night!


Well, it seems pretty awesome that night with lotsa lotsa pictures!
Thank you so much for the invites!

Gonna end my post with this awesome video!

I'm looking forward for the Halloween next year.
Till next time.