Finally! Everything is done.
Now only i know that voice over is so hard!
I keep repeating the same sentences again and again.
But I'm satisfied with this new video.

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Bello Bello Bello!
Today, I gonna blog about some skin care product that I've received from Natta Cosme.
It's about serum. Did you use serum in your skin care routine?


Bloggers Hardtime.

Hello Dearies.
I'm motivated to write this midnight post.
Hell lots of words dude.
Such a long time I did not write my heart talk post.
But if I start writing, it is something.

I've draft, erase, delete, type this kind of post like hundred times.
Just din't find the right time, right feelings to blog about it.
I think today is the day to talk about it.

In the past month, I've receive lots of beauty and skin care products from few companies.
I would like to say THANK YOU so much!
For giving me this opportunity and trust in me, because there are lots of blogger nowadays.

Better than me, worst than me. Anything would be.
Anyone can named them as a blogger.
Sign up a Blogger .Wordpress ID, CHIO name and that's it.
It's easy to be a blogger, but it's hard to be a professional one.
I'm not saying I'm a professional one, don't get me wrong.
Everyone have their own style, own skill and own thoughts.
Only your audience / client will judge that,
are you professional enough to engaged campaign or sponsorship by them.

I've received lots of email request for sponsorship / collaboration of company or product.
I would like to say is,
The best thing in the world is, having free stuff.
The bad thing in the world is, paying money.

Getting free food, free Chanel Bag, free car, free house. You feel happy not?
Paying bills, paying car loan, paying credit card debt, paying saman. You feel happy not?
That's the point.

I never though that blogging will be a platform to let me earn extra income.
I never knew my influence will lead customer to your store or boost your sales.
But when I started to knew I'm capable for something.
People will start to take things for granted.

I would like to ask a few question.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Can you eat without paying bills?
Can you buy daily grocery without paying?
Can you advertised at newspaper without giving the company any cents?
NONE of them is YES.
Even you wanna go to public washroom,
It's only 30cents. But you still have to pay.

BUT You have free stuff what, why you so money face?
True. I get the sponsor product.

I tend to get vouchers worth hundreds, but only could redeem in their website.
Accept the sponsorship product but will cause me allergic / acne problem.
or not suitable in my age / my style.
What benefits me?
Just because I not being money face and accept free stuff?
Just because I want to have sponsorship #hashtag?
Just because I wanted to be more famous blogger in town?

We spend time to blog, hours and hours cracking mind to write proper words.
Spending lots of money to buy props, ring light and etc.
Taking pictures, tried and tested, edit pictures, upload and upload.
Behind the scene, nobody sees that.
What do you feel if you're work daily and you get no pay at the end of the month.
Will you feel happy? Do you think you deserve your part?

Bloggers are more efficient and powerful than magazine and newspaper nowadays.
Many people tends to believe and trust blogger's review than magazine review.
Because blogger are more lively and personal.
We use our original words and thoughts to express our feelings.
with broken English, broke Chinese but with the original WE.
We, blogger should deserved our part and respect.
You need 5 star service? You need to pay.
That's the theory.
We'll done our best to show our appreciation.

Before ending this post,
Maybe you'll think that I'm so mean to voice everything.
But I've already filter the words and consider thousand times about this post.
No matter how,
讨厌你的人  怎样都会讨厌你
喜欢和爱你的人   怎样都还是不离不弃的爱你
会珍惜你的    机会是你的    兜几圈回来还是你的
write something that's true and honest
That's being me.

Signing off. It's 4am now.

K-Palette 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner

Ohaiyo guys! Sorry that I've been missing for a week. ahem*
I'm back to review some awesome product from K-Palette!