High Tea @ ANTOINETTE, Singapore.

Hello everyone!
I'm currently in Johor now for every now and since during Chinese New Year.
Back in a rural place which did not have shopping malls, nice cafe, internet, wifi and etc.
But this year seems little much better cause finally have 3G here. 
So I did a little update for my trip in Singapore!

YADAH Bubble Deep Cleanser

Hello Girlfriend!
I've redye my hair color again la. I'm really deeply in love with purple after my last ombre hair color.
What's different is, not much pink this time. More to purple lavender?
My hairstylist said he mixed a little bit purple, blue and pink.
I haven't have my 1st hair wash yet, so still can't see the real color
but I'm pretty excited to see what it will be fading away. HEHE

Magical World Hong Kong Disneyland II

Haven't ready for camera*



[Sponsorship Review]
I'm happy and appreciate to receive an email to have a try on 
Yadah's upcoming NEW product which will be launching on this February 2014!
- - O H  M Y  S U N B L O C K - -

I always love the product of their brand, because it is all 100% free of artificial coloring and preservation.
Plus it is all from natural plant extract like essential oil, floral water, barks, traditional herbs and etc
that works perfectly with our skin!

Introducing this YADAH OH MY SUN BLOCK 
It is a new improved formula of sunblock with SPF35/PA++
I've used in for outing these days and I'm totally in love with their texture!
It is totally 100% colorless and transparent when you blend in well in your skin.
The most awesome part is, 
it is really moisturizing, fast-absorbing and non-sticky at all!

I really don't like that when you blend some X brand sunblock you will feel very thick and sticky 
the whole day like you're applying cooking oil on your body and the worst part is hard to absorb if you apply too much. 
You will be extremely white in the middle of the peoples. Agree?

Let's see how it blend well in my skin!
1. Apply
( I actually apply a thick amount of it )

2. Blend

| Result |
It turns not to be very thick layer on my hand from the result!
and it won't be extremely white compare from my original skin color too.

The all new YADAH Oh My Sun Block with their awesome benefits :

 √ Colorless & highly moisturizing
√ Exceptionally lightweight in a matte finish
√ Suitable for all skin types even sensitive ones
√ Fast-absorbing; Non-sticky and non-greasy
√ Light and refreshing scent
√ Free from 8 harmful chemicals
√ Formulated with sebum control; non-acnegenic and non-camedogenic
√ Minimize skin damage from sun exposure
√ Fragrance-free
√ No makeup remover is needed

Plus, it contains natural ingredient of :  
Which you'll be in love with their smell when you apply on your skin!

- - L I T T L E  T I P S - - 
1. Apply it on your skin 15 minutes before you heading out. 
To give sometime for your skin to absorb the sunscreen.

2. Re-apply it again every 2 hours when you're in outdoor.
Sunscreen tends to be broke down overtime by the sun / rubbed / washed / sweat / raindrops.

The all new YADAH Oh My Sun Block is retailing at all SaSa in Malaysia outlet on February 2014 onwards!

Grab yours now at the price at RM49.

Enjoy your day with YADAH OH MY SUN BLOCK!

Break The Code - The Real Room Escape Game

[ Advertorial ]
If you guys are attracted by my blog title, and getting excited to get know some very 
challenging and interesting games that will squeeze your brain juice, 
You'll never be wrong to know the latest REAL ROOM ESCAPE GAMES which is 1st in Penang!
Let me introduce what's more about it!

- - BreakTheCode - -
 Is the First Real Room Escape Game in Town with Real life interactive Puzzles. 
It is an activity for a group of people, minimum with 2 people and maximum is 10 people to begin the games.

How to play? 
You're locked in the theme that you've choosen, and you're require to find clues 
to solve the puzzles and break out within the time limit.

Students rate with valid ID (Applied all the time)
Weekdays before 5pm (Monday till Friday)
Weekdays after 5pm & Weekends

There are total 4 themes for you to choose, which are :

- - S T O R Y : - - 
Year 2026, the world is a crazy place to live in. 
Due to a recent pendemic outbreak, almost all of the human race are infected. 
There are only a few that is immune to such virus. 
Dr Jimmy Kimosaki is the lead scientist who is looking for the antidote but he had been missing for the last 10 days. 
You are his best friend you must know where he is. He only trust you.
Difficulty Level : 3.5 / 5
Duration : 60 minutes

 - - S T O R Y - -
The secret map of a world treasure was found by Captain Josh Sparrow. 
He is on his way to the island to find this treasure. This is no ordinary treasure.
 Else, he will not had risked his life going through the Bermuda Triangle in the month of October. 
Who is the lady standing at the deck? 
Wait a minute... I don't see her now... Maybe i drank too much...
Difficulty Level : 4 / 5
Duration : 60 minutes

- - S T O R Y - - 
Oh my old friend, you must help me this time! The shadow killer is still free of justice. 
I'm helpless now, my family' name would be at stake if I couldn't bring him in. 
The whole England include the police force has been counting on me. 
It's really too much for me... Too much
Richard Holmes
Difficulty Level : 3.5 / 5
Duration : 60 minutes

- - S T O R Y - -
This must be a mistake, the person that you are looking for is not me. 
I am just a double. I don't want this job anymore, I just want to live on. 
I have a family. I need to get back to them, GET ME OUT OF HERE…. 
Why I cannot feel my legs, what had you done to me? 
Don't you just want money? I can get you money..
Difficulty Level : 4 / 5
Duration : 60 minutes

Super excited with all the themes! We gonna wreak it out!

Let's go!
It really requires a lot of team work, observation skills and quick wits of thinking for solving the problems!

Do you think we manage to get through all the challenge?
Get a look what's hidden inside!

We Did it! Joy of the victory! (smile)

Remember to experience the 1st ever real room escape games in Penang!
Enjoy your ultimate experience in here!

Break The Code 
368-02-1 Bellisa Row, Burmah Road, 
Georgetown, 10350 Penang.
Tel : 04-2260484

For further information :
Official Website www.breakthecode.com.my

WildHoney and Laduree in Singapore

Hello peeps!
How you guys doing so far? I've been missing my blog and social media so much!
Finally just back from China yesterday. The place is freaking freezing and cold.
I can't handle the weather so well =////
It's only 6-8'c everyday. 
Thank god I'm staying in Malaysia. It's really the best country cause no winter season!

Magical World in Hong Kong Disneyland I

Finally is done and up on my blog after editing hundreds of pictures.
Spare some time to settle down for my overdue blog post after my Singapore trip!
Sorry for the overdue late post of Disneyland!
But I'll be separating to be two / three post? cause it is toooooooo much and lengthy. 
Please scroll it slowly kay. It's all my hard work =')


Madame Tussauds Wax Musuem Hong Kong

Idk why. Just love this candid street shoot by sister.
Perhaps one of my reason is my purplish hair. 
But, It's fading now.
Ombre hair is so hard to maintain and keep it nicely.
Need to keep my blogging speed up to max to arrange all the post as many upcoming post soon!
This is a schedule post as I'm away again for another getaway.

Pay a visit to Madame Tussauds during the period staying in Hong Kong.
This gonna be long post full of picturess.
Love all the old buildings and street in HK. It makes everything looks so cool when turns to pictures.
Professional photographer will be loving all of it!

Silly me. I looks like fat ass here. wth

Before you proceed,
I would like to advice that PLEASE DO NOT BOOK ONLINE to Madame Tussauds trip.
It is better to purchase at the counter which is a package together with The Peak (Cable Train).
I've burn my 6 tickets away through online booking, as they are around 100+ people are queuing to Madame Tussauds by waiting for The Peak and the waiting time is around 3 hours!
So, if you purchase it on the spot with the package, you could have fast lane privilege for only 20 minutes waiting time.

Finally, the savor is arrived!
I've been so frustrated and lost patient while waiting for it, because of the stupidity of the China people.
They keep pushing and squeezing you till death which can break your bone and flatten your boobs.

Din't know that Bangkok have Madame Tussauds too!
Should pay visit to there someday as they have different wax artist in there!

Their body figure and face structure are measure accurately same as their real person.
You'll be impress when you meet them in the wax museum.
Lin Chi-Ling

Pardon me, I'm just being curious with it.
I hope it doesn't scare you off (smile)

 Bae Yong-joon

Nicole Kidman

Cecilia Cheung

Angelina Jolie and Brand Pitt

Ethan Ruan

Michelle Yeoh

Princess Diana

Mahatma Gandhi

Barack Obama

Albert Ainstein

They have this session for us to feel the feelings when ON AIR!

Sandra Ng Kwan Yu


Beloved Michael Jackson 

Lady Gaga
Dint know that she is almost the same height as me! Just a little taller with heels on.
She is damn skinny.

Failed posture. HAHA

Marvel - Spider Man

The Hulk
Looks pretty real!

Iron Man


Too much of picture to post in a long blog post, will upload the rest in my facebook soon!
I hope it doesn't boring you :))
Many of us including me, din't know how is the making of the wax, 
here are the behind the scenes of everything! 

I have no idea who is she, but she's really gorgeous when you see her in real in the wax museum!

Aaron Kwok

The Christmasssssyyy feelings!
Really miss Christmas season nowwwwww :((

This is the photo that I grab from google!
Which is the actual view of The Peak on hill after you visit the wax museum.
I can't manage to take it cause too many people blocking the scenery, but it is really plesent and wonderful night view in up here.

Lastly, is the picture of me with the founder.
Madame Tussauds.
Her face figure is so so so real. Don't you think so?

Hope you guys enjoy the long photo-log post!
Gonna be update my blog soon again when I back in M'sia.