I'm so glad that I'm able to squeeze time and went to a few awesome cafe during my visit at Korea.
I really miss the cold weather and breeze there! Malaysia is really hot and I could literally melt like butter. 

I've been searching some awesome cafe before visit to Korea and I saw this cafe is really cozy and unique cafe!
I really love how creative the cafe it is.

I would love to go back this shop when I'm in Korea again.
Thank you for reading!xx

Hoho Myoll Café 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
93-44 Mapo-gu, Sangsu-dong, Seoul
Directions : Sangsu Station, Line 6, Exit 2. Turn left and walk towards Hongik University.


Holla! Finally update with a new beauty post this time!
If you guys follow my SnapChat, you'll probably know that I went to Hatyai last two weeks 
and I'm so happy when I heard there are Beauty Buffet and Beauty Cottage in their mall! 
Can't wait to share all the products that I bought from there, as you guys love what I did for the review for my previous Beauty Buffet Haul that I bought from Bangkok. So I gonna did a haul review again Beauty Buffet Vol.2!

I really love getting products from Beauty Buffet cause all of their products are freshly made 
just like the haul that I get in Korea! All the date of manufacture are like 2 weeks ago for all these haul.
For the body scrub section, I get two of their products to try on. 
One is super recommended by my sister and one is their latest new product in shop!

Raspberry Sherbet Body Scrub
My sister keep recommend me and telling me how amazing it is. 
I've already try it on when I shower, and I really feel my skin so soft and moisture after shower!
The smell is not too heavy, just a nice for a body scrub! But remember, be really gentle when you scrub it.

ToFu Soy Milk Salt Scrub
I really love all their ToFu collection as their scent is really light and decent smell of Tofu.
I haven't try on yet, but I think the texture and outcome will be very good too!

For skin cares, I choose their popular goat milk skin series of skin care.
Left: Goat Milk Sleeping Mask  //  Right: Milk Plus Whitening Facial Form
Gentle reminder, if you have sensitive skin, 
please read their ingredient whether it contain any ingredient that will trigger your allergic skin.

I've try on this goat milk sleeping mask, their formula is really rich and thick.
Absorb quickly while you apply it and did not feel sticky on the next day!
The mask is a little thick, so just apply a little tip amount is enough for the whole face.

If you're a shower gel lover like me too, you should not missed this one.
I been dying to refill this one! Their scent are really good.

I tried these two hair care on their shop and the hair oil and mist are quite good!
Left : Use it on your spilt ends before blow dry your hair 
Right: Use it before you wanna style your hair with straighter / curler. 
That's all for my haul that I get from Beauty Buffet!
I get all of the Beauty Buffet products from Central Festival Hatya & Tesco Lotus Hatyai.
Thank you for reading loves.
I'll be actively on my Youtube Chanel now. Remember to drop by to say hi!


I never really talked about my hair tips ever since I started blogging, 
but I've been constantly getting question from everyone how do I actually take care my hair.
I love changing my dip-dye hair colour so much as I'm getting older every year!
I don't wanna have the reason that age holds me back for changing new colour for my dip-dye.

How do I take care of my hair?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Applying conditioner every time after I washed my hair. 
Choosing the right conditioner are very important as there are a lot of choice of treatment of conditioner now.
I always go for silk and smooth treatment type of conditioner for my daily conditioner.

Apply Hair Mask once / twice per week for treatment.
Same as our skin care routine, we need mask for extra moisture for our face. So do our hair!
Extra nourished and extra care to our splits ends or damage hair.
I always go for products that have ingredients of Argan oil / Moroccan oil / Camellia oil which is pretty good!

Applying Olive Oil for hair treatment
This is what my nanny though me and I really find it very useful since primary school.
I used to apply it everyday since primary to my secondary school, and I notice that I did not have 
any stubborn or frizzy hair at all until now compare to my family members!
You can have a little amount of the olive oil on your comb and comb it on your hair. 
Leave it dry while taking your day off on weekends for this pampering session.
You'll know the differences after few weeks, but remember to use hair olive oil not cooking olive oil!

Getting the right treatment in saloon
Always discuss and tell your hair stylish about your hair condition before proceed to any treatment.
It's very important to you to pampered your hair in the right way.

To be honest that I really love my hair saloon gave the right treatment always after I done my hair dye!
Pictures taken in Korea.

I really love how my hair are still so smooth and shine when I'm in Korea!

I really love and recommend this treatment that I've done in Baptain saloon! 
The biggest plus point is, the treatment are organic based that using less chemicals ingredients,
plus this organic treatment is using nano mist that has smaller particles
that enable our hair absorb easily for the treatment.
Can you spot argan oil in the organic treatment?

I hope you guys loves my tips and bits for hair care!
If you're interested to get your hair pampered or hair colour in Baptain Saloon,
Here's all their details:

- - - - - - - - - - - - 
Address : 3rd Floor, G Hotel.
168A Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel : 04-2263822
Business Hour: Daily 11am - 8pm
Official Website: www.baptain.com

You may always seek for their professional advice for the treatment and hair colour!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Don't forget to quote my name "CarmenLayrynn" to get 20%OFF for your total bill.
You could use it every time when you visit to their saloon!
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Happy new year 2016! This is my very first post in the year of 2016.
I'm sorry that I'm still keeping up my speed for my Korea post by visiting all the awesome places last autumn.
This is another breathtaking places that I would love to share with you guys when I visit to Korea.
If you're visiting Korea during autumn, I'm sure you'll be searching "where to visit autumn foliage" in google.
I accidentally found this university have amazing view of autumn leaves and tree surrounding
the university compound and turns so magical beautiful like castle in fairy tale!

After long distance of walking inside the university compound, we finally reached the amazing view of it!

with my hub!

Ia it similiar like the houses inside the fairy tale stories?

I just love this amazing view! 

Missing the cold and chilling weather in here!
Thank you for reading. I'll talk to you guys soon.xx

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
How to go: Sinchon Station and walk towards Yonsei University
(It's very near by EHWA Woman University, you can visit two university in the same day!)