Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie.

Kinda sad that I just browse through my August update, I just manage to update 4 post throughout a whole month. Blog stats are going down day by day, so I gonna work hard to get back the normal stats. I'm so happy to get comment that u guys are actually reading all my wordy words although is a long post. I'm so touched =') cause I thought that pictures will only be browse throughout the post!

Wanna share with u guys for a restaurant that I wanted to find it very long, and finally let me found it this time during the time I went downtown to KL for Nick Vujicic speech last week. 
Glad to see him so close in person when he pass by me. But it is so impossible to have a picture with him in close mood, cause everyone is dying to have pictures with him too!
I gonna blog about him in next post, wanted to share the moment that we spend together with him during his speech!

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie.
I heard compliment about this restaurant for its bread / cakes / pasta. Finally get to try for it this time!
The most important thing is, it is consider as cheap in KL area for their price, so is very worth it.

Open area of their stone oven, 
u can have a close look for the making of the bread / pizza!

Serious dilemma to choose the best choice!
Everything is so temptation and irresistible. Just hope that I have more than one tummy to fit it ALL.

I just manage to capture some pictures of the cakes, cause it really looks weirdo that I keep wondering in front of the counter just to snap the pictures. Perhaps next time u guys may drop by to discover yourself!

Their restaurant are always FULL house, so I was kinda shock when I reach there cause I dint know there will be so many people! But one thing unique of their restaurant is, they will be having this OCCUPIED sign for us to left by our table and leave to order our food at their counter. 

I'm occupied. LOL
Le Bfie.

Le Bfie - Chicken Karaage Curry Rice
Idk why this not list up into their recommended dish, but it serious taste superb nice!

Mine - Mushroom Cream Pasta

Dessert - Levain Tiramisu 
It taste totally different from others! Just love it so much.

Guess how much we spend for the bill?
The price range is only around RM30++ because it doesn't have any service / tax charges. Awesome right?
I just miss the chance to try their mushroom soup, cause I heard that it is also one of the recommend dish.
Perhaps should try it next time!

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie.
No. 7, Jalan Delima,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone: +603 2142 6611
Email: enquiry@levain.com.my
Monday to Sunday 7.30am - 9pm


Bello! Finally the blogging mood is back.
So sick in the pass few days. FLU, COUGH, SORE THROAT the perfect threesome make my voice totally a MAN voice till now. Hopefully tomorrow would be better so that I could have my voice back soon.

Glasses Online

Glasses / Spectacles ?
I've been wearing glasses since I was in standard 4. I'm so freaking regret that I used to be so happy to wear spectacles which I consider as something new in class when I was in that age! 
Is kinda inconvenience that having glasses on while doing some activities. Especially activity that will sweat! because the spectacles will slipped down to a level that looks so AH-MA and NERDY. 

Thus, CONTACT LENS are my saver! I will feel lack of confident when wearing spectacles, but with contact lens, it makes everyone looks so pretty and confident, especially when make up ON! 
Aren't you feel so?
I was wear Johnson&Johnson daily lens last time, but its kinda expensive to afford especially I'm a heavy user that needed to wear lens like EVERYDAY. So, I changed to GEO lens in the past years, because of the enhance of the wider diameter of the lens. Yet, I found that it is kinda DRY if you're wearing longer time period. 

THANKS to GlassesOnline that they giving me a try for their contact lens which they provided variety choices of the lens to choose in their website!
So, I've picked two color of Phantasee as my choice to having a try of another brand of contact lenses!

It is 3 month disposable lens! In first I though that it would be slightly same as GEO lens, but surprisingly is the lenses are super comfy, because it is a soft lens and it contain 45% of water content which make your lenses more moisture throughout the whole day!

Details :
Phantasee - Be Charming Brown
Diameter : 15mm
Water Content : 45%

Phantasee - Be Passionate Purple
Diameter : 15mm
Water Content : 45%

This is the lens that I'm wearing -  Phantasee Be Charming Brown

It looks good on me although without any enhance of the wider diameter of the lens, it's really suit for everyday wear especially I need to wear lens everyday for work. Never regret by choosing this to have a try!

Plus, GlassesOnline not only providing contact lenses, but it also provide all type of glasses as well.
It might take sometime to browse all their categories, because they have a lot of variety choices!
The awesome part is, their delivery service from taking order till receive goods are superb fast and efficient!

GlassesOnline are giving away 1 FREE VOUCHER worth RM40 to my readers without any condition apply!
You may start clicking their website to browse about their product to see which is your favor one.

Keen to have it a try for their product by winning this RM40 FREE VOUCHER?
Remember to quote my name #carmenlayrynn during your order to their official website.

You'll be the lucky one to win them away!
Best of luck! xoxo.

Dates in Lunarich @ Paragon

I haven't finished my Chiang Mai post yet, so here will be a short post update ma LATE lunch date in Lunarich with my beloved one, Esther. Which we both almost have it about dinner time for our express meal. Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner = Combo  -_________-

My face is kinda edema that day, so my face is super duper fat when on screen. See my eyes you will know.
GOLD FISH. Duhh -.-

The environment is not bad tho.
But too bad I din't not capture much picture that day.

Camwhore is what #girlsbeinggirls does.

The Lady.

We both order Risotto. 
But I've forget the name, so let the pictures do the talk i think.



Lunarich [Paragon Mall]
Add : Lot 2.33 & Level 2 A2a, Gurney Paragon Mall. Penang
Tel : 04-2287153
Website : http://www.lunarich.com.my

Went to girls date for sing k after that!
There are short viddy in my INSTAGRAM. U guys can view it 
Had an awesome talk, dine and k time with her. She's an awesome person that I've meet through online too! Din't know that we click so well after time being. No matter in personality, achievement, dignity and so on. Just wanna tell you that, there are been hard times in life, but do stay strong no matter what, rainbow always comes after rain.

I think I gonna stop by here.
Will be some sponsor post up soon too!
Video video and video, I know I know. H-a-h-a.
I will upload! Pinky Promised*


S a w a d e e e ! K a p K a p K a p.
Finally back from Chaing Mai, Thailand. Its time to update my blog before my reader stats drop dramatically =(
I'm gaining so much of weight after back from there! Too much of awesome foods and drinks, just can't get rid of it!


About A u g u s t.

Sorry been not updating my blog for a week!
I've been busy about moving out from my current house to another. 
It's super busy and spend so so so much for all the new stuff in house. Wallet are burning holes. Gosh.

Another photo-shooting collaboration with Number Nine Studio last week with my babes, Jxhia and Nicole.
We are having so much laughter and fun during the photo-shooting and we even did a special Vlog for this photo-shooting. 
Will post it soon in the next post after done editing everything tomorrow =)

It's August now! Time flies super fast =/
Going to Cheng Mai soon during raya! But I haven't pack anything yet.
Wonder how's the place in there? I heard before that the air is very refreshing and cooling there.
Gonna be pictures exploded over load when I'm back!
Hopefully everything will going smooth this month for me and earn more $$$$
or else I'm gonna officially broke. Ha-ha.

Here is some sneak peak for the pictures

Till here then for this post.
I'm sorry for the short update! It's better be short than no updates right?
Gonna post more in the next post with Vlog together!