Ollie Jewellery | Readers Giveaway

Hello gorgeous darlings!
Sorry for neglect my blog for a week, HEHE.
But I'm back with a good news for you guys!  
It's been awhile since my recent giveaway from Hong Kong.
I think is time to organised another giveaway to you guys. So please love me more kay! HAHA
 | Readers Privilege Time | 

I've been blogging for Ollie Jewellery in my past month,
the product and service that they offer really amazed me and I really recommend to you guys strongly!
  You can read my previous post here :
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Here goes my parcel received from Ollie Jewellery
Love this month packing from them, because it is pink! 
My favourite colour !

Time to unwrap it!

What I get is this, the Key To My Heart Pendant
All their product are made of genuine .925 sterling sliver jewellery,
which is not only rhodium-plated (which can enhance the shine and durability) and also nickel free!
If you're having sensitive skin like me, 
you can wear it safely without worrying to have itchy skin! 

Closer Shot

- - HOW TO WIN - - 

1. Follow me in my blogspot
3. Leave a comment below by answering this question :
"If this is a magical key to unlock anything in the world, 
what do you wish to unlock?"
4. Remember to leave your 
Name + Facebook + Email

I'll pick my favourite ONE with your creative answer!
Can't wait to read your comment with full of imagination.
Good Luck in trying!

Giveaway Ends : 12th April 2014 



It's Monday.
Should I start with the phrase that everyone love to use?
NOOO Blue for me
I seldom have blue days actually, cause I really do love and enjoy my current lifestyle.
It really helps if you make yourself busy everyday, it won't reminds you today is Monday.

I still haven't think of what title should I named my blog post as.
It's really hard to think of a name that will let people feels interested to read your post.
Feel kinda bored with my current blog layout,
I don't really satisfied with it now, looks so simple and plain.
I wanna change something but I haven't have the inspiration to think of it.
I've been loving Pintrest recently, so many vintage design / diy 
it really helps my inspiration of the new blog layout.

 Will be shooting another new video this week!
Guess what's the new video?
Not about the brand of this lipstick, just a picture that represent the category of video I'll be shooting

Hopefully it could be smooth this time, as I've already shoot the video last week,
but I don't really satisfied with the outcome, so gonna re-shoot this week.
Hope you guys will love this coming up video!

I did shoot a Couple Tag 1 2 3 video last week with my boyfriend.
I'm pretty amaze with the answer that we both did. No hanky panky of the answer. HAHA
If you haven't watch it, here you go!

Remember to give us a thumbs up if you like our video.
That's all for my short updates!

Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner

Hello angels!
I've been so hardworking to update my blog lately almost be my daily diary of updates.
I hope you guys won't be bored with me if I update daily!
I'm gonna share one of my favourite haul today in this post.
I'm so so so in love with this product lately as I received my parcel last week. 

Watson Move Your Body Campaign | World Health Day

M o v e  M o v e  a n d  S h a k e  S h a k e ! 
Shake your body, shake your style!
How long you've been slacking around without moving your body?
Are you the one that busy with your current hectic lifestyle and couldn't have extra time to sweat yourself out?
Are you the one whom always be so energetic to dance, move and shake your body?

Well, I have a good news for you! 
Watson Malaysia is calling all Malaysian to get fit and healthy with its 
 | MOVE YOUR BODY Campaign |  
It is a major campaign to promote active lifestyle among Malaysians!
This campaign is about your health & lifestyle regime in associate with dance and movement that is also been planned as the part of counting towards this year's World Health Day.
Plus, more than 1,500 people expected to "Move Your Body"with Watson Malaysia
at SUNWAY LAGOON on 30th March 2014 (8 a.m)
Dance is really a creative way to stay ourself active, healthy and fitness regime!
So remember to grab along your granny, papa and mama to shake along in this fun campaign!

The most coolest part of the campaign is,
1. There will be an exclusive collaboration with the popular radio station HITZ.FM & International gym Celebrity Fitness.
2.  You stand a chance to walk away RM5,000 CASH + Perform together with the HITZ.FM Crew!

|    HOW TO JOIN?    |
Create your own best dance video and submit to Watson Malaysia's Facebook!
A very simple step!
Then you'll be one step closer to walk away with RM5,000 cash + perform together with HITZ.FM Crew!

This campaign will be run from 25th February - 30th March 
Remember to grab your Move Your Body ticket at RM30(Normal Price RM120) with any purchase from Watson Store, 
but it is only available Klang Valley and Negeri Sembilan Watson Store!
First 300 customers will received exclusive goodies bag from Watson.

What are you waiting for?
I'm IN this time!
 It is really awesome to have the chance to meet your favourite HITZ.FM Crew in real person!
I'll be checking out and learn this special dance from Watson.
Join me and swag yourself out in video!

Remember to check out this tutorial and music to learn your steps :

For More Information:
Watson Official Website

Watson Malaysia Facebook


LINE SHOPPING | Named your own price

Having sales and best deal are always the best day during shopping spread.
Everyone wish to have great deals and sales to shop for their goodies, right?
I'm not excluded too!
I'm the person that always surrender on the words SALES.
I just can't forgive myself if I din't bring anything home.

Recently, many of my friend are sharing lots of great shopping deals from LINE SHOPPING.
If you're a rational spender or having budget shopping for every month,
You should not miss this shopping deal from LINE SHOPPING!
| Named your own price & RM10 Rock Bottom Deal |

I bet this is your face reaction now. HAHA
Yes! You can use your LINE now by naming your own unique price 
AND purchase 10 deals at the price of RM10 each which I mention as RM10 Rock Bottom Deal!
Super Crazy Deal!
Is this cool enough for you?

So you always need to get your finger ready to click on the LINE deal which going on now.
So you can shop safely!

1. Download LINE Mobile Application in Apps Store / Google Play / Market Place

2. Add "LINE SHOPPING" for exclusive & attractive deals that exclusive only for LINE users.


3. You can start shopping now!

How to "Name Your Own Price"?
- Key in the most "unpopular" figure to get the higher chance to win your price.

- Do not include the symbol of "RM", just key in the numbers and decimal up to 2 digits.

- Only 1 figure will be considered. More than 1 figure entry will be disqualified. 

Page might not be loading smoothly due to heavy traffic for popular excessing,
so make sure you try to refresh or reload again to offer your own price!

Super crazy deal!
 An item which cost thousands, only pay for RM10?
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, valued RM999 and you get it in RM10 only!
Wanna experience yourself? Go and try now!


Don't forget to show off your limited edition stickers during your LINE conversation with friends HAHA!
It really made my day by seeing all the cute stickers.
Remember to add LINE SHOPPING now and experience yourself by naming your own price!

For more information:



Being A Blogger

Just having some ME time, having some mask to pamper myself.
Sitting in front of my lappy, browsing to my blogger that shows my latest post
It was 1 week ago.
This is my 100th post since I started this domain. I din't know that I've blog so much!
I wanted to blog something today, now.
But I don't know what to write about.
Just now during showering, something pop into my mind.
I guess is a good topic for my blogpost today.
Bare in mind that it gonna be a wordy post without pictures.

|  B e i n g  A  B l o g g e r  |
Many people asked / question me before that why would I started to blog.
Why makes you have infinity topics to shares?
Why you can update your blog so constantly?
How much do you earn per year / events?
How to you get all the sponsorships and etc etc etc.
Even my mum asked so.

Well, actually I started blogging in the year that using Wretch?
I don't really remember the name, but I just remember that it is a Taiwanese blogspot.
So actually I've been loving blogging for a long time.
Changing lots of user name and web name
until I get this domain for real as my own marketing / identity of me, myself.

During the beginning stage of blogging,
We can't expect for high stats / fame / sponsorship / readers
cause we are just a ordinary person that blog about your own life, thoughts and feelings.
people will not come back regularly or drop by to visit for once.
You need to know what's the purpose you started blogging.
Keep update constantly and make it interesting.
You'll find it different when u read back your previous post.

I din't know I can come so far and getting sponsorships / event by naming as Blogger.
Nothing starts easy,
but you need to work hard to pay off to get reward right?
Till now, I'm still working and searching what's the best I can do for my own little space.
I really really adore some youtubers that can earn tones of income by just filming video!
Many of them declare that they starts from blogging before they become youtubers.
I'm working on it too.
Tones of things to learn for video editing and good photography skills!

I think that's it for here?
At least I blog something meaningful for my 100th blog post.
Wish u have a good day ahead.

Eternity Love Wedding Photography

Hello darlings!
I can't believed that I've been blogging so frequent this week.
Almost 2 days have new update!
I hope u guys will be happy to see all my hardworking and new updates in this week =)

If you guys click in of my blog for it's title.
Yeap! Today I gonna blog about Wedding Photography.
But not mine kay! HAHA
I'm a fans of photography, I love having photo-shooting as well as browsing nice pictures.
Especially for Wedding Photography!
Wedding is only once in a life time, so we should take as pretty as possible for our eternity love pictures right?!

I come through lots of wedding photography recently.
My facebook keep appears SPONSOR-ADS of the Wedding Photography. 
But when start I clicking LIKE, more and more similar ads will pop up for you.
So I've been browse through lots of pictures that I wanted to share with you guys!

If you're planning to have Wedding Photography soon,
You'll not gonna missed this post! I've picked few that I personally really like their pictures!
Plus I will include every link down below!

First :





Awesome not the pictures?
I really really do enjoy browsing all the pictures of their album
If you're reading this as a part of your wedding tips,
well, I hope this could help!

That's all for my post today!


Kiss Me Heavy Rotation

Hello Dearie!
Been very hardworking lately to keep my blog update.
Haven't done tutorial for make up ever since my Dolly Eye Make Up in youtube.
I'm pretty happy that get to review the latest product from Kiss Me!

Day Trip in Universal Studio Singapore

I'm pretty surprised that my previous post hit very high stats.
Will share more heart talk post with u guys. Girls gossip session =)