Hello dearies! Happy Sunday!
As usual slacking around being a lazy bum at home.
It's good to be lazy sometimes. HEHE 
Sorry for not updating my blog recently, but I'm back with something interesting today.

Party People Party Night @ H-Artistry 2014

Hello friends, finally!
Finally I'm done with the editing pictures of the awesome night at 
| H-ARTISTRY 2014 |

This is my 2nd time attending H-Artistry,
its an awesome event to attend with my bunch of friends together!
I'm impress with the decoration and setting of the night, full of RED everywhere!
Thank you Monoah for the VIP ticks of the night, we have unlimited free flow that night.

The moment that I walked in.
Impressive as I said?

Pictures with the artist of the night
Imma Bleep Youu

Paper Plain Pursuit 

and of course with my favourite peopless!
BBB |  Wei Sheng  |  Sinn Linn  |  Baby J  |  Wallace

Wanna have some?

With all maa chicks.
Baby J  |  Chenelle  |  Niccc  |  Sinn Linn 

The best picture ever of the night with my two precious one!
Our car parked so far that night and my 5''inch heels seriously killing and hurting me so badly.
Next time should arrived earlier for nearer parking!
But really had a great night with all the awesome peoples around me
Wish to see you guys soon!

Btw, congratulation for our Malaysia player in Thomas Cup!
Although you guys din't win champion for this year,
but this is the BEST Thomas Cup I ever see in my life.
I see the power and spirit unleash tonight that makes us proud as a Malaysian.
Well Done!
I'm proud of you guys!
Good night.

H-Artistry Penang 2014

It's party time people!
|   H-A R T I S T R Y  P E N A N G   2 0 1 4   |
Is coming back live at 17th April 2014 (Saturday) 7pm - 1am at Spice Penang!
formally known as Penang International Sport Arena (PISA Penang)
Are you excited? scream*

H-Artistry return this year with the First Global Art of Mixing party slated for Penang!
A promising elevated experience revolving around H-Artistry's trademark epic super-clubbing experience.
You could expect to be treated to a sensational mix of sight | sound | taste as they revel with trailblazers of every H-Artistry party!

This year H-Artistry will be seeing line-up of exciting local regional and international acts
by playing and treating the party with a stellar mix of music styles and genres all night!
The stage of the night will be taken down by :

Taiwanese Multi-Genre powerhouse & vocal heroes
A fresh and new style of music through their fusion of rock, hip-hop and EDM beats. 
Hailed as MandoPop’s number 1 EDM band.

Australia's DJ Brooklyn
Inspired by Havana Brown’s performance style, 
DJ Brooklyn is famous for her big-room tunes. This will definitely send the H-Artistry Penang 2014 dance floor into a fist pumping, 
body rocking frenzy with her infectious energetic personality.

Paperplane Pursuits
The hottest Malaysia electro-pop band in Malaysian airwaves. 
Love their "Beat of your love" so much!
Can't wait to see the Malaysia's best pop band that night!

Imma *BLEEP* Youup
Malaysia's Electro House Boy Band by Mr Fluff, Addic3rd and Unkle Jaymz.
Heavily influenced by Alesso, Avicii, Dada Life, and Tommy Trash, 
the big room style of IMBYU will definitely bring the house down at H-Artistry Penang 2014.

They gonna spin the house down pretty hard!
 You shouldn't miss this opportunity to meet them that night guys and girls!

Getting excited to join me that night?
Remember to snap, post and share your excitement using #HArtistry
with the rest of the nation as we are begin to countdown to this year's super clubbing event!

H-Artistry is open to NON MUSLIMS above the age of 18 only!
Get high with the official Pre-Event of H-Artistry video by ending this post!

Remember to dress in RED for the DRESS CODE that night!
See you guys there!

For more information:
Official website : www.h-artistry.com.my


Late Night Pillow Talk.

Feel like blogging after days.
Sitting on my chair, starting to blog and I hear snores from BB when I'm typing.
It makes me feels sleepy actually. HAHA

Happy Mothers Day!
How do you guys spend your day today?
I just have a simple celebration today with families as momaa flying off to Greece tonight.
I miss her so much now. Sigh.
I hugged and kissed her everyday when after work.
I'm not going to kiss her for 10 days now. cry*

I've made up my mind to continue my master for MBA
I'm kinda nervous and hesitate for my decision.
Idk whether I can handle it well / score well.
Idk whether what I wanna pursue is correct / what I want for my future.
Dad just hand me the cheque for the course and the class will begin next week.
God bless me. I'm not confident to do this.

I was cracking inspiration to do some DIY tutorial for my blog these days.
I bought all the materials and tools.
But the pictures doesn't turns perfect for me.
I think I will redo again after moma back from Greece, 
cause I left everything behind another house.

Gonna wake up early tomorrow for market session
to shop my for dinner of the entire week. 
Will be cracking my mind again tomorrow.
That's all for some late night pillow talk today.

Good night loves,


Hello loves! 
It's been awhile that I din't actually blog about my dinning experience or cafe chilling session of my daily life with friends in my blog.
Idk why. 
I feel too random if I blog about it, cause it's like my normal personal outing in daily life.
I scared it would be too bored or random.
I wish to blog all the small cafe in Penang, cause all of them are special and unique.
But I'm scared to look like crazy people snapping infinity pictures around. HAHA