How's my life in 2012?

This is the last day of 2012.
Wish to have a quick update what I've been through in this year.
This year have a lot of mood fluctuated for me.
I've been through hard times in the past, for sure have some sweet times too.
All the pictures are not in sequences, it is based on my memory. LOL.

1. Went Taiwan in the beginning of 2012

2. Won Prom Queen in Besca Night with full of surprised! Pictures with my bff, Chor. 

3. Did 2 photo shooting by Alien and Allern. 

4. Grand Opening of two Chalotte Katy's Store in I-Square Gurney and Fahrenheit88  

5. Training under awesome incubator in CETREE. Meet and work with awesome peoples there for 3 months!

Ayaka and Anny from Japan and China.

6. Meet the awesome bloggers 

There are lost more hang out and activity that I've been through in the year of 2012.
Just random select the few that for my 1st time / try in the year of 2012. 
Too much to talk about it, if you've subscribe my facebook, you'll be knowing more about it.

I've been through hard times in relationships in this year.
Everyone is questioning about why and why? 
Sorry that I did not answer the question.
Been through hard times and relationship.
Couple of months have passed
found out whom is the one i care and loved after everything.

There's a different between "Love" and "Like".
If you like a flower, you will pick it up with you.
But, if you love the flower, you'll water it everyday.

Some people is meant to be fall in love with each other,
but not meant to be together. 

So, what's yours in your 2012?
Will be offline in these few days due to my final exams.
Wish me luck for tomorrow!
Till here then. xx.


Eve & Christmas Celebration

Happy Boxing Day!
Blog about Christmas Eve and Christmas celebration together in this post :x

Times flies-so-damn-fast.
In a blink of eyes, we've passed doomsday-Christmas eve-Christmas.
How's your celebration for all the days?
I've celebrate my Christmas Eve in papa's friend garden.
I bet u guys wonder that why I said Garden 
because it is a mighty big huge garden I ever seen.

I love my new cammy!
The effect and soft skin effect is awesome!
Can u imagine that this picture is taken during 7+pm?
The lights and colour is still so prettieeee!

We've reach the garden! 
Get chock when we arrived the place. Too Big arrrr the gardennn
Some of the place I dint manage to snap it because it is too dark for the picture :'(
Anyway, personally feel that it is a very awesome place for photo-shooting!

Rest Room 
that we spend our game time in there


One of the game we bought there
if not we gonna bored die =.=

Sissy & Bf Ryan

My both silly bro

U can't see my eyes. =.=

Please ignore my fat legss*

OOTD : Top: Taiwan / Bottom: Brands Outlet


Christmas Celebration
Dine in in Full House,Time Square.
We have our brunch(breakfast+Lunch) at 5pm @@
cause of miieeee! I keep dragging the time, haha!

Candid shot of my outfit

Top: Forever21 / Bag : LV / Hat: Fourskin / Bottom: Bangkok / Boots: Taiwan

too hungry to look at the cam

Mushroom Soup





Exchange X'mas gift with sissy!
This is what she got for me.
Instax Mini 8.
I've been waiting for so long to get myself a instax!
Finally is here <3
[Hearts] [Hearts]

 Left mama love notes in the pictures by each of us.
We love you always mama.
Merry X'mas as well!

That's all for the post!