Hello beautiful peoples! How's your month of June? 
Having puffy eye and face cause I just woke up from awesome pampering skin care treatment service with AsterSpring last week!
Thank you so much for AsterSpring's awesome pampering treatment session and service! 


Hello beautiful peoples! Back with a brand new post today. 
I've tried this method before while cleansing my make up brushes last time and the result is awesome!
Thus, I decided to make it into a blog post while I did my cleaning few days back.
If you're a person like me who loves to D.I.Y by not spending too much of your pocket money,
this post is dedicated to you!

I actually google a few cleansing method, 
but I found that this method is really effective to remove the make up dirt and pretty gentle to my brushes!
These are the essential you need to proceed cleaning your make up brushes :
Oil Make Up Remover  |  Extra Virgin Olive Oil  |  Dish/Body Wash  |  Bowl/Plate
Prefer to use dish wash, as I'm using dish wash all the time too!
Why olive oil? 
It will retain the softness our make up brush and recondition the bristle hair after it’s stripped of oils and disinfected by the soap.
I promised you that you won't feel too oily for that!
These are the ratio check list before you pour it into your bowl / plate / plastic container.
I actually find this ratio is good and enough for my 2-3 brushes each time,
as brushes will absorb the mixture pretty quick when each time you dip in.

If you find the mixture is not sufficient for your brushes, no worries that you can always add more to clean it!
Remember gentle squeeze out the mixture that absorb by your brushes, so that you can use it for your next brushes.
Clean it by circular motion until you feels your brushes are clean enough to move to the others.

Tadaa! I love seeing my brushes turning back into their original colour!
The result is very awesome that you won't feel oily at all when you rinse your bowl!

Shine bright like a diamond! Totally like brand new brushes.
Little tips: 
Remember to separate your eyeliner brushes or heavy make up brushes with the others,
as the mixture will transfer a lil colour to other brushes.

If you are rushing to use it, you can always dry it with your hair dryer!
But remember that all your brushes must to face downwards to avoid bristle hair problem while using hair dryer.

That's all for today's post!
Hope you guys love my lil sharing D.I.Y idea with you guys.
Lots of love, xx.


Hello beautiful peoples!
Never really did fashion post before in my blog cause I never conclude myself as a fashion blogger.
But I'm so glad that I have this opportunity from Zalora for sponsoring me their awesome apparel!
I've bought quite a few apparel from their website, but I gonna select my TOP 3 favorite look for this fashion post.
I personally love one piece and dress so much as it can save a lot of time to think for my perfect outfit for the day.

Look 1 - Event Outfit
I personally prefer shorts over dress while attending events. 
I found this Strappy Wrap Romper - Something Borrow that catch my eye while browsing the apparel!
It's really chic, fuss-free to throw on anytime when I'm in the rush or having wardrobe dilemma.
Keep it simple but not under-dress.

Look 2 - High Tea Outfit
I love something comfy and cozy while having tea session with my girls,
as it gonna be a long chatting session and the high tea place might be pretty cold to hang around for hours.
Wearing this Lace Sleeve Playsuit - Zalora.
To be honest that, the quality is superb awesome! Very soft, supple and relaxed fit!
The most important is, good in taking pictures for lots of selfie and outfit of the day.

Look 3 - Dates Look
I love this outfit the most as it is very elegant look!
I always love simple and plain. So it's my perfect outfit for a dinner date or special occasion.
How do I look? I bet I'll impressed my dates with this outfit.

Not forgotten, this High Heels Sandals with Ankle Strap is from Zalora too!

Which is your favorite outfit among all?
Remember to visit Zalora for their awesome apparel in their website!
Before you start your shopping spread, some special rewards for you guys,
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Happy Shopping!
Thank you for reading loves.
Have a nice day ahead. xx.


Hello world! Back with another beauty post today.
It's a lil special that I'll be talking about Make Up Remover in this post.
To be honest that, having make up on everyday is a burden for our skin.