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Sorry that I've been missing for one week for no updates in social media, did u guys miss me? LOL
I've been busy for being Liaison officer for my uni's for ASEAN Learning Network Council which I know a lots of Prof Dr from overseas. I'm glad to be a part of joining them before I graduate this year. 

This post gonna recommend a very awesome dinning place which my little sissy keep recommended me 
to have a try on it. Perhaps it is really a great dinning place for their food! Rating is 5 stars and above.
It is located at Gurney Paragon, beside TGIF. Name Italiannies.


This is the 2nd time I've pay a visit to it. Basically all dish I've tried, it never disappoint me neither.
So, this is the dine for 4 person and all are highly recommended!
Plus, all the portion are BIG! Sharing could be better choice. 

Meat Ball Spaghetti 

Seafood Risotto (Signature)

The taste of rice is so madness tasty!

Shrimp & Asparagus Alfredo (Recommend for creamy lover)

Tiramisu Cake (Must Order)

You'll be sure to be a loyal customer for this, after you've try this!
FYI : it is bigger than my palm hand for this portion.

Lastly, favorite shot of us! 

Italiannies Pasta Pizza & Vino
Gurney Paragon, beside TGIF
Booking & Reservation :

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I've taken few shot of my trip when during the time being the Liaison officer.
We've pay a visit to the Grape Farm in Perlis which near to my uni!
I dint not expect that we have a GRAPE farm in Malaysia!

So sad that we can't pick and eat on the spot

Group Picsx!

That's all for all the updates!
Gonna replenish all my stock of my shop.
Will be a hectic night for me =(
New stock and update will be on this week for ChalotteKaty
Good night! 

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  1. Itallianies is a great addition to the chain of eatries. I would love to do fine dinning there with my hubby. Thanks for your precious reviews.