Vv's B-bash @ La Vanilla Pastry

Back in time!
Omg, I look super HUGE in this picture =X
I've been upload lotsa pictures since last night, and I planned to blog it tonight. 
BUT I just finish attending my uni's event which is quite disappointing, wasting my time that could let me blog EARLIER. 

Vv's B-Bash celebration back in last week!
Her name is Vivienne Verogina actually, so I make it VV's as the title!
I've been awhile not dating her out, finally we met up during her birthday day at La Vanilla Pastry.
This is my very 1st visit! Everything is just so warm and cute in there.

bunny says hie!

Dilemma in choosing it!

I've chosen this for her and the special toothpick message! 

The macaroon sweetness is perfectly nice than the others I've test before!
[ Choice : GreenTea / Gula Melaka / ButterCheese ] 

Oops! Too much light exposure.
I have a puffy face :(

Kiss from me to you! Love u always. 

La Vanille Pastry
Address:122 A Hutton Lane, 10050 Penang, Malaysia
Contact Number:04 2264024
Business Hours:星期一 至 日11am- 9pm
Facebook:La Vanille Pastry

Heading to Redbox afterwards for sing k session!
I love her voice so so so so much! She's my super idol singer in my heart. Haha.
You could browse her Sound Cloud to hear her amazing voice.
I'm glad to have you as my bff. I would never know that a friend knowing through friendster and blogging from internet could be my bff till now. Although not meeting and keep in touch all the time, but you're always my sweet tooth in my heart.
Thank you so much for the souvenir from Taiwan! Love it lots lots!
Love u always! 

Before I announce the GlamTags 2 lucky winner,
I would like to say THANK YOU for participating this giveaway contest!
I've receive over 40 replies from comments and emails, it is been a hard time for me to choose ONLY TWO
So, I choose one guy and one girl for the lucky winner!

Congratulation for u both!
Please send me your personal details to my email as above :
Necklace Name :
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Address :
Tel :

Thank you so much for participating and reading!
Clock strikes mid night now. Its time to hit the sack.
Nights, xx.


  1. Hi! do you mind sharing where did you get your hair cut and where did you do your brows? you look really pretty! =D

  2. Hi Shalley,

    I did my hair cut in Extension, brows I draw myself =) Thanks for your compliment!

  3. I see! Can you do a tutorial on how you draw your brows? I really really like them! but i dont know how to draw brows.. :(

  4. what camera r u using for all of de pictures taken here?