Soey's B'day Celebration @ Cozy In The Rocket / La Cucina

Before I started this post, I would like to express my feelings by saying 
BIG THANKIUU for my precious readers' comments and emails in the previous post!
I was so surprised that it gets so many replies from you guys by sharing your personal feelings and thought with me! Some are very touching and sweet! It will be a dilemma for me to choose TWO among all! 
April! It is the month that my two precious BFF birthday's month
It is so co-incident that they both's birthday are fell on the exact same day! Is faith huh I guess?
I decide to dine in this restaurant because I wanted to try Amelia restaurant for so long, but unfortunately it has been shut down in the pass few months. Until I heard this restaurant which is the same owner from Amelia, so we decided to drop by to explore their food!

Here we are!

Birthday gurl - anti camera as always -.-



The egg yolk making me hungry again when blogging this post. gosh.

Have a walk around after dinning!

Love this shot much

For my rating, overall is 6/10 rating. As our pasta/spaghetti is much to salty taste and the pricing is slightly higher than others. I would more prefer Full House's pasta or spaghetti. If you're in a rush, perhaps it is not a ideal place to dine, because the food servicing is slightly slow and no air conditioner in the restaurant. I afraid that this reason will pissed you off if you're in a rush mode.

Cozy In The Rocket / La Cucina
262 & 264 Lebuh Pantai
George TownPenang 10300
60 12-496 7838
Closed on every Monday.

Time flies, life goes on and people change eventually.
I'm glad that our friendship are still remain the same like the time we 1st meet each other during Form 6.
We share our laughter on silly things, talking nonsense, cam-whoring, pillow talks from midnight till early morning until your mum knocks on our door. I was so bad that always slept away when u talking with me until u kick my leg calling me to wake up, haha! Playing and listen to you while you strumming your guitar and I sing along with your tempo, and we even throwing volley ball in your room in the middle of the night! How silly are we? The best part is, always having my favorite soup that cooked by your mum in your house is the most wonderful thing for me every time I overnight at your home.

Although our friendship is just 5 years old, yet it seems like we had been together for a century before.
I wish to say that Thank you for being with me after so long that willing to listen to me when I faced my hard time in life. Giving me courage and thoughts that motivates me when life goes up side down. Thank you so much for all the way long, support and love. I wish you to know that, I love you always and you'll always be my forever irreplaceable friendship in my life. We still gonna celebrate our counting endless birthday bash together every year! Last, Happy Birthday baby, ily.

It seems to have goosebumps when read it, but it is true tho!
Gonna blog about another birthday bash in next post.

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Don't forget to try your luck!

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