High Tea @ Thirty Eight 38

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April fool had just passed! How's your April Fool day? Anyone get prank seriously?
I've just saw some example April Fool prank which is kinda serious, that a boyfriend puts some powder and flour into the hair dryer of his girlfriend, so when she uses the hair dryer, she................ 
Haha! It is so hard to imagine that how the girl felt especially you have a super duper long hair and u just wash it and have treatment on it. Oh-gosh. 

I just prank a few of my close friend for some "lousy" pranks, but they know me too well! So i phailed to prank them. Perhaps i should try some good prank next time!
Yet, I'm just so so so happy for 2 big great news I get that day! 
** 1st,  is I received a call from Nuffnang for inviting me for today's We Chat event launching, yet I couldn't attend cause I'm still stuck in Uni. But I'm so happy because I dint know that Nuffnang will notice me as a small and unfamous blogger! Which compare to others, right?
**2nd, is I'm in for MHB community. It was a very big surprised that I could enter this community! I would try my best to blog more often to update my blog always. #Pinky promise

Oops, I think I talked too much! Let's in with today's post!
I went downtown to KL two weeks ago to have a short break and shopping spreed. 
We planned to have a luxury tea time @ Thirty 38 because the dessert is so tempting and attractive as I saw some food recommended this place. 

Before heading to Thirty Eight 38, we drop by to visit the latest hot topic among all in Sg.wang.
The Hong Kong Street! It feels like we are in HK because of the decoration of the Subway and the strong trendy fashion there!

My two little precious

Here we are!

 I've never been so near to look into KLCC. It was an amazing scenery from there.

We've order One Pax Tea Set, THIRTY8 Signature Cake, and Straight from the Oven Chocolate Cake. 
These are all the MUST try dessert if you pay a visit to here, you will never regret and everything is worth for the price!
I've try my very best to get the best shot because the waitress are doing quickly for all the steps.
The dessert serving is very impressive, u could picture it by these!

The Signature Cake - THIRTY8

The cake melts when caramel is pouring on top of it. It is so tremendous!

Close up

Can you describe the feelings when u taste it?
 The scope of banana ice-cream is perfect match with the cake, 
because it will reduce the sweetness after u having the cake.

Straight from the Oven Chocolate Cake
U can feel the hot chocolate is running in your mouth because it is still hot direct from the oven!  

Tea Set for one pax! 
Yet, it is too sweet for everything, we could not manage to finish it =X

The Boysss.

It is an awesome experience dining in here for a luxury high tea. It cost us nearly RM200 for total bill.
Yet it worth for the price! Perhaps if you wish to drop by, here is the location :
You may ask for further assist from the reception, because u will need to shift to another lift way up to this restaurant.

THIRTY8 Restaurant and Lounge
Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur.

Hours (THIRTY8 Restaurant and Lounge):Daily, 6:00am – 11:00pm
Hours (THIRTY8 Wine Bar):Sunday to Thursday, 12:00pm to 12:00am
Friday and Saturday, 12:00pm to 1:00am
Tel: +60 3 2182 1234
Email: kualalumpur.grand@hyatt.com

That's all for the post!
No matter how life goes on, as long as I'm with you. Everything will be safe and fine.

Much love, xoxo.

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