Early X'mas Pressie

Long time no see guys! 
It has been awhile that I quit blogging, since the year of 2011, the last post about my birthday bash post in the previous blog. Sorry that I changed my blog link! I forget the username and the password because my of short-time memory. = = Please re-link me if you don't mind. 

I decided to start blogging again because I've review some Taiwanese blogger that inspire me a lot by capturing awesome pictures, and another reason is I've bough a new camera that could selca compare with my previous D5000. It is more lighter and compact ever that motivates me to blog. slapping myself*

Bought this Sony Nex-F3 camera! I claim it as my early X'mas pressie since I've bought it 1 week ago! I'm still new for the function, will try to explore much and snap much picture for blogging! I've try out some effect of Sony Nex-F3. All the pictures below are snap by Sony Nex-F3.

Went Downtown to Kl on the next day, due to my small store needed to be stock up and decorate before the grand opening on 22nd of December, Saturday. Christmas decoration is everywhere! Feel so-in-love with the Christmas atmosphere.    

Chalotte Katy's New Store:
Location : Fahrenheit 88, Parkamaya 3F, Inside I-square.
Grand Opening Date : 22nd December 2012, 2pm.

 Feel free to drop by our small store when you're nearby! All Chalotte Katy product will have 20% discount and the floor we located-Parkamaya is all Korea Inspired Fashion! If you're in love with Korea Fashion, you'll definitely love it! 

On the Grand Opening of I-Square, they invited some famous bloggers to witness their opening! Guess who will be there? I'll be there to witness the opening! what about you? See you there!

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