Celcom 4G LTE Bloggers Race

So glad that I've join a happening event last week that been invited by Malaysia Hottest Bloggers!
Love this picture so much!
It was candidly taken during the Celcom 4G LTE Blogger Race Event that happening last Saturday [6th July 2013] in Sunway Lagoon!
I've simply compile some pictures into animation form. It looks livelier than normal static pictures for this super long post!

I really feel like we are like recording the show of Running Man / The Amazing Race! H-a-h-a.
Because we are running around Sunway Lagoon the whole morning finding the clues and playing the games and rides! Each team even had their own camera crew following us to film our crazy exploits!

Plus the interesting part for the whole event is, we got to meet and compete against some celebrities namely Iqram Dinzly, Kamal Adli, Along Cham and Ezzrin Loy that were also invited to join the treasure hunt!
The winner team will walk away a Sony Xperia Tablet Z for each person!

Doesn't it sound so cool? I really love being a blogger!

So here's what happened at the Celcom 4G LTE Bloggers Race.

Our meeting point in Sunway lagoon at 9.30am.

Saying Hi to the KL MHB Bloggers!

Heading to Lighthouse for our breakfast and briefing session for the 

Girls just can't stop cam-whoring when they're free!
My Love one! Jxhia.

She's so pretty in person! Charis.

Being briefed by the camera crew for our self introduction video!

Penang Blogger!
Charis - Me - Gillian - Shelyn - Jxhia -Fion

Spotted the grand prize on the table!
Sony Xperia Tablet Z

The bloggers, celebrities and camera crew are getting ready to the kick-off!

The head marshal briefing us on the games and the task we need to accomplish.

We are divided into 5 teams, which is Orange, Purple, Blue, White and Black.
Our task for that day is to solves the clue given and find the "Hidden Marshal" at the respective ride and get our "PASS" from them which could give us point!

It was challenging for us, because we were not familiar with the rides in Sunway Lagoon! 
But luckily we had our leader, Gillian who was pretty familiar to Sunway Lagoon compared to us! 
We had to have teamwork and be brave to complete the tasks awaiting us! 

Each team member for the event!

The race kicked-off and we opened our envelope to read the clues!

After going through the clues and checking the map of Sunway Lagoon, we figured out that we had to complete these cool challenges :
1. Vuvuzela
2. ATV
3. Kayak
4. Flying Fox
5. Water Obstacles
6. Dunk Machine
7. Waterplexx 5D

After our quick discussion, we decide go for the least crowded activity 1st!
The Kayak

It was my very 1st experience on a Kayak! 
Happy-kid face*

Charis and Shelyn!
Seriously, Charis is very good in Kayak-ing.


I just couldn't stop laughing when recalling the kayak-ing experience!
We need to complete a figure "8" within 3 minutes by passing the 2 floating obstacles to get the PASS.
Fione and I was super duper hopeless when kayaking. We both couldn't control the kayak movement at all. Haha!
We keep yelling and laughing like nobody's business, but somehow we managed to move our kayak back to the starting point. Could some one please come and save us? Haha! But we enjoyed the experience so much!

Next Spot.
ATV Jungle Trail
At this station, we needed to ride the ATV into the jungle trail and counts the amount of flag and their correspondent colors to get another "PASS"!

Girls gone wild on the ATV! 
Cam-whore before putting on the helmet.

The Dunk Machine
In this activity, we had 3 chances to hit the target on the dunk machine with the ball.
Big love to Fione who volunteered to get dunked for our group!

We failed to hit the target therefore as a penalty we had to sing a song.

We got all WET on the other rides!
Vuvuzela ride which is the super awesome ride among all.

The water slides were fun too!

The Flying Fox.
It was really fun for those who doesn't fear of heights! 

So sad that we are the latest group among all!
Deducted 15 marks for the late. Awwww.
We will do better next time!

Congratulations to the WHITE TEAM!
Each of the team member won a Sony Xperia Tablet Z!
Thanks to Celcom First!

Prize giving ceremony and lunch to end the treasure hunt!

Group pictures!

Blue Team*

WHITE TEAM was super lucky to win the Sony Xperia Tablet Z!
I had the opportunity to test and play with the Sony Xperia Tablet Z during the event. It is super slim and super light!
The best part is, IT IS WATER RESISTANT!

You can bring the Sony Xperia Tablet Z home for as low as only RM1,438.00 with the fastest network on some great plans from Celcom!

Plus, you can insert SIM Card into a smartphone/ tablet to enjoy pay-per-use voice rates of Celcom First Voice which are :
1. 15 sen / min for calls
2. 15 sen / min for video calls
3. 10 sen / SMS
4. 20 sen / MMS to all network

1. Bringing you the the BEST tablet experience with the BEST network.
2. The Malaysia's fastest network with the widest coverage.
3. Enjoy the BEST plan and rates with Celcom First.
4. Be the FIRST to enjoy most of the exclusive privilege.
5. Celcom had won the award in various industry. Such as, Broadband Service Provider of the Year and Mobile Service Provider of the Year by Frost & Sullivan.

The Sony Xperia™ Tablet Z is a really cool device with some awesome features:
• Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), 1.5GHz Quad Core Processor – Gives you super fast performance on the fastest network.
• 10.1” HD Reality Display – Large enough screen for you to enjoy all your favourite movies and drama series in wide view.
• 8.1MP Rear Camera, 2.2MP Front Camera – High resolution back camera equipped with the Exmor R™ for mobile sensor which is the mobile version of the “Exmor R” sensor using technology from Sony’s cameras to generate beautiful photos even in low light conditions
• Water-resistant and Dust-proof – Bring it wherever you go without worries of getting it wet
• NFC Enabled – Sony is going really big with NFC technology built in to many of their devices from smartphones to VIAO ultrabook, TVs, wireless speakers and of course the Sony Xperia Tablet Z. This enables you to share pictures, documents and more in a really fast and convenient manner.

Head over to the nearest Blue Cube today to test out the Sony Xperia Tablet Z coupled with the blazing fast Celcom First data plan for yourself!
For more information, please visit to :

I had a hectic and exhausted day but I've enjoy myself so much during the event!
Thank you Malaysia Hottest Bloggers , and Celcom First for the awesome event!

Curious about how exciting of event that day? Have a look!

Part 1

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  1. That's so fun! Pretty you :D

  2. Hi Yuh Jiun,

    It's totally an awesome day! Thank you =)

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