The Waterlily Balinese Bistro

B e l l o ! 
It's been a week since my last update for my dear bloggy.
I'mma so sorry to you guys that have been hooking down to my blog for the pass few days / week.
I've been spending great times with my family and friends, but most of my time is WORK.
Cause momaa is away to overseas for weeks, so I have to become cheap labor for them. HAHA
Momaa gonna slap me if she read this paragraph.

Please forgive me not updating my blog, cause my eye is super tired and dry when facing whole day lappy.
So what happen is, I never touch my laptop after work. 
But good news is, I've starting to update little things in MY DARYE.
Every little things in the past week will start update on there which I won't update in here.
It's exclusive! So worth to view.

 Back to topic.
I've been downtown to KL for AVICII Rave Party
Me and bfie were so hungry when we're arrived in PJ from Melaka.
 We missed our lunch and we're not familiar with the place.
The feelings is total sucks, plus jamming EVERY WHERE.
We suddenly saw this restaurant beside some roadside, we decide to hop into it for a try.
What I could say is, it is really the BEST balinese restaurant that I've try so far that would have the same standard of balinese style that we've try in Bali.

The Waterlily Balinese Bistro

It feels like we're in a vacation again in Bali!

The hungry face I think. HAHA

Love the taste!
But I forget the name.

I not sure is what Bumbu. But the taste is really really really really awesome!
All their taste mix together is fabulous. 
Saliva is dripping when I'm writing. 

Bfie's Chicken Chop
Bfie said that, although is a normal dishes but they fried their chicken very well.
Cause the meat is very very soft when you have your 1st bite.
Plus the above two dishes is pretty big portion that worth for their price!

Their environment is pretty similar with all the balinese restaurant in Bali.
I just manage to capture the down floor cause upstairs section is closed in the morning.
Perhaps you guys could try this if you drop by.
Google to see more compliment for this restaurant for their signature dishes!
Rating for overall : 4.5 / 5
Good food, good environment and good price!

The Waterlily Bistro
No.11-G, 11-1 & 11-2
Jalan Mutiara Tropicana 3,
Mutiara Tropicana, PJU 3 PJ.
GPS Co-ordinates: N3 07.732 E101 35.957

Tel: 03-78036603
Business hours: 11am till late

Arranging Give Away post for X'mas Pressie!
I'm excited!
I hope you do. TEHEE

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