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Finally have some time to update my blog, I miss those days that I'm so efficient to update per week.
I wish I have 48 hours to complete all my stuff  T.T
I'm kinda shock that many of you pm me about my Hua Hin trip, I hope I could help you a little in the places and transportation.
This will be the last post about my day trip in Hua Hin, don't missed out yoo!

I've separate three post for my Hua Hin & Bangkok trip:
1. Santorini Hua Hin - Day Trip In Santorini Hua Hin
2.  Places I visit in Hua Hin - This Post
3. Where I stay in Hua Hin & Bangkok - Staying in Hua Hin & Bangkok

As I mention in my previous post, I've been to 4 places in my day trip in Hua Hin 
Santorini - Swiss Sheep Farm - PlearnWan Eco Village - Cicada Night Market
In case you've missed out my Santorini Hua Hin post or seeking information for transportation,
you can click HERE.

|  Swiss Sheep Farm Hua Hin  |
It's actually very near with Santorini Hua Hin. Driving distance is around 10minutes.
You need to buy tickets, the price is roughly about RM5-10/per person.
Spending time in here around 45minutes.

I'm pretty surprised with the good maintenance in here!
Everything is nice and clean. Perfect place to tour around with kids and family.

Favourite shot! 
Perfect view and weather in the picture, but I swear the weather is not jokking d hot.

Sheep sheep! Seems like they are smiling with us.

The sheep kept following us whenever we have the grass on hand! HAHA

Happy kid in front the camera!

Dahh, that's the real one behind the camera.
They actually keep bite off the grass so hard kay!

Getting really excited to see Alpaca!
But they are kept in air-cond room so we couldn't stay any longer cause of their smell =//

That's what happen when we 1st open the door and with food in our hands.
Damn scary weii

That's the time when they finished our food.

Precious take when the Alpaca post in front of the camera!

MUST BUY - Many overseas blogger recommend their lotion and shower cream!
I get one for myself before leave, don't forget to get yours too

|  Plearnwan Eco Village Hua Hin  |
Plearnwan Hua Hin is Thailand’s first eco vintage village. Built in late 2009 to recapture the classic charm of old Hua Hin.
It's more to like kampung style tourist area which you can find creative and cute artwork shop in here.

Is a must shop night market when you're in Hua Hin, but please remember that it is only open on weekend! Friday - Sunday.
So you need to plan well if you don't wanna missed this night market.

Have lotsa variety of foods in here!
All you need is just get yourself to the counter and buy their coupon.
There are lots of stall selling cloths, handmade craft and unique lil things.
I just can't get rid of everything in here!
Too bad I dint get any pictures of the stall as I was busy shopping.

That's it for today! Finally end my Hua Hin post after so long.
It's hard to say goodbye when you dig all your memories in this post.
It's 3.30am now and I'm still typing this long post.
Publish and job done.
Nanight, xoxo.

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