Hello beautiful peoples! How's your month of June? 
Having puffy eye and face cause I just woke up from awesome pampering skin care treatment service with AsterSpring last week!
Thank you so much for AsterSpring's awesome pampering treatment session and service! 

AsterSpring - The best hand in skin health management
With more than 70 skincare centers in four country around the region of Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.
AsterSpring is the leading skin health specialist that consists of impressive range of numerous specialized skin treatments.
Since 1984, with more than 31 years of invaluable experience, 
they offer perfect fusion of excellent products and skin care solutions that have successfully treated over 10 millions faces and still counting.

To be honest, I used to feel stress and anxious visiting beauty saloon for facial treatment when I have serious acne problem last time.
If you're having some problem like me, trust me that you won't feel that feeling when you visit AsterSpring.
The moment when I walked in their center, it really makes me feel I'm home.
Cozy, bright and simple design that you'll find that it's so relax to be here!

AsterSpring uses the No.1 choice of skin care professionals worldwide, Dermalogica for all their skin treatment! 
They emphasised on achieving total skin health and wellness, which is why they carry other various great products too, 
such as Davines, Tisserand and so forth, it received lotsa compliment from their customers!

I just love their consulting and waiting area, 
so neat and comfy while waiting our turns for our consultation session. 

My turn to get advice from their skin therapists!
I really love how they thought and give advise for tiniest details for my skin concerns.
Their skin therapists are all well-trained and certified skin care professionals 
so be rest assured to have them to provide the best skin solutions for us.
I'll be doing Isotonic Hydrating Treatment with them as I just did my skin rejuvenation laser a week back, 
that’s why my skin needs a lot of hydration to maintain and prolonging my skin condition.

After getting their expert consultation, I were assist to their changing room.
Feel so sweet that they have everything we need in their changing room!


They prepare all the cosmetic that we needed! 
Foundation - Finishing Powder - Blusher - Eyeliner - Mascara - Lipsticks
I shouldn't bring my bulky make up bag here next time.

Get changed and ready for my pampering session on their 1st floor! 
I just love this angle shot, makes me feels like I'm home already.

Just love their lil cozy room! 

Lil massage session before I remove my make up.
Sorry that I din't took much pictures while pampering session as I just lay back and relax the whole session!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
I really sink into the comfortable treatment bed. Relax and indulge in the best hands pampering! 
Designed to unwind and rejuvenate, 
I can immediately feel my skin is embracing all the goodness offered by treatment through their skillful face massage!

The Isotonic Hydrating Treatment formulated with coconut juice contains burst of hydrating properties, 
not only feeding the skin with extra moisture, it helps to restore skin’s hydration system by serving enough nutrients to support tissue growth! 
That isn’t only a one-time hydration, but also upgrading my skin health level to its prime! 
Good as a skin maintenance after my laser treatment.

Thank you so much for the awesome pampering session!

Before I end my blog, I have a exciting announcement!
As you know, I always love to share my happiness with you guys together.

In the conjunction with the new opening centre of AsterSpring in Straits Quay,
Aster Spring would like to sponsor 2 of my lucky reader worth of
RM300 Pampering Facial Treatment Session
[Redeemable in any Penang Outlet]

How To Join?
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I'll pick two of my favourite lucky readers to enjoy this pampering session!
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No26-R, Jalan Masjid Negeri, Penang.
Tel: 04-6576255 / 6121
Official Website: www.asterspring.com
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asterspring


  1. I have shared the link on my Facebook page. I hope that I can get the treatment cause my face have a quite serious acne problem. I hope that I'm the lucky winner. https://www.facebook.com/weline93/posts/1197007683647925. My email address is weline_wong93@hotmail.com. Thanks :)

  2. https://www.facebook.com/eriol.lwatever/posts/10206447488521507
    really look great feel want to try so much :)

  3. feel great hope i can got chance to try the treatment.