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One of my life goal is to experience the beauty of Cherry Blossom in my life and I can't believed that 
I finally made it to JinHae for this year cherry blossom festival! 
This will be a very length post about HOW TO GO / ITINERARY / PICTURE LOG.

If you've followed my social media platform, you would probably know that I went to Korea for plastic surgery. Thus, I can't really plan my schedule ahead that when and where to visit the cherry blossom places in Korea.
After the 7th day removing my nose stitches, I started to saw some cherry blossom blooming outside our hotel. 
It really itching my heart that instead staying in hotel all day, why not trying to experience Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival? 

While searching more information and transportation to Jinhae Cherry Blossom festival.
I notice that it is really hard to booked the train ticket and it requires transfer local buses 
and stops to reach the destination. 
Jinhae is actually located next to Busan, which is around 6-7 hours journey from Seoul.
I've read a lot of blogs and asked my korean friend about Jinhae Cherry Blossom tour,
and their suggestion are GET A TOUR.  
Especially when we could not even read or understand Korean. 
Until I come across this website, everything I searched and worried are totally solved.
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It's actually a local online travel service which provides great deals and offer to foreign traveller like us.
Example, having english tour guide, private transfer to desire destination and be worry free about transportation!
The plus point is, FREE & EASY tour which they ONLY taking us to the destination listed on the itinerary!

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There are 3 option for this 1 Day Tour,
1. Via KTX (Korean Bullet Train) // 2-3 Hours Journey 
2. Via Mugunghwa-ho Train // 4-5 Hours Journey
3. Via Bus (with English speaking tour staff) // 6-7 Hours Journey

Unfortunately we could not get a spot for KTX and Train as this is too last minutes plan,
so we only left the last option by getting to Jinhae by bus.
Late but lucky us to get a spot to experience this amazing cherry blossom festival.
Super excited cause it is our very first BFF Trip together to experience Cherry Blossom together!

Is like a live pictures everywhere!

I'm sorry that I'm not confident to show my swollen and bruises face yet!


Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest. It's about who came and never left your side. 

Really picture worth it experience in Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival!
Experience Cherry Blossom once in a lifetime!
Little tips: Go on weekdays! It's really hard to get great pictures cause too much photobomb everywhere.

Besides cherry blossom tour, there are a lot of other choices like Tulip Festival Tour,
Everland ticket & Shuttle Bus Package, Jeju Island Tour, Renting Hanbok and lots more!
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Check out my video on Youtube Channel too!

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